Philanthropic Team Building

The Benefits of Philanthropic Team Building

Do you feel that?

That wave of joy spreading throughout your body.

Philanthropic Team Building

You’re not entirely sure why you’re so happy. You don’t understand why you feel much better than you did when you woke up. You may not have even wanted to do this- volunteering through your work. However, you definitely feel a positive change.


Science backs up these feelings. According to VolunteerMatch,

“93% of people report an improved mood after volunteering, 79% of people report reduced stress levels, and 88% of people report increased self-esteem.

Those are massive numbers. Here are five benefits of philanthropic team building.

Your Team Will Get to Know Each Other

Who knew that Mike from accounting spoke Spanish? Or who knew the usually even-tempered Angie, the diffident girl from the marketing department, was so hilarious? Mixing philanthropy with team building unites your coworkers in an exciting new way.

Bonding While Doing Philanthropy Is a New Experience

New experiences are important. They are paramount to your health as an individual. Lifehacker has a fascinating quote on the subject, “The more familiar our world becomes, the less information your brain writes down. Time is a rubbery thing. It stretches out when you really turn your brain resources on, and when you say, ‘Oh I got this, everything is as expected, it shrinks up.’” That’s an amazing, if not slightly terrifying, fact. If you fall into a boring pattern: wake up, work, eat, sleep, etc., then you’re brain doesn’t create as many memories, and it gives you the perception you’re living a relatively short life. The brain craves new experiences, and volunteer work is a way to enrich your employee’s brains. There’s something to be said about consistency for philanthropic team building, but also going to new places and locations gives the brain a chance to develop even further.

Boosting Your Brand

Consumers like brands that give back to the community. Now here’s the rub. Team building activities are often better for your brand than simply cutting a check. When your team is involved in a team building activity they like, there’s a good chance they’ll tell their friends or post on social media.

Philanthropic Team Building Makes Recruiting Easier

There’s a false paradigm out there that says employees are only interested in chasing down money. That’s not true; job satisfaction is key. Yet did you know that philanthropy has a positive correlation with job value and job satisfaction?

When you’re hunting down that top candidate from a prestigious company or college, it will be easier to sell the idea of your brand if you have a track record of helping the community.

Helping Is Awesome

Perhaps the greatest benefit of philanthropic team building is that it’s wonderful and public-spirited. In a team, you have the ability to help make a positive impact on the world. Your deserving local library or your admirable food bank is a better place because you helped.

Your Thoughts

So, do you feel that wave of joy now? There’s nothing like uniting with coworkers and helping the community. People may start off reluctant, but they end up as pleased as punch.