Chemours Company

The Chemours Company’s Double-Barreled Workshop Generates Rescue Buddies for Local Kids

DiSC® Training in Wilmington, DE

The Chemours Company hosted a meeting of its communication group. It included nearly 30 participants from around the world. These folks rarely got to work together in person, so the energy and enthusiasm levels were really high! The company has undergone some pretty significant changes over the past few years since it spun off from DuPont. It provided some great opportunities for leadership to bloom but also some growing pains. Everyone enjoyed this chance to work together and learn how to strengthen their working relationships.

Chemours CompanyThe morning was broken into two parts: an Everything DiSC® workshop and a Rescue Buddies™ workshop. Through DiSC®, employees learned a lot about why their colleagues acted the way they do. Because it was a small group, we were able to go into some pretty deep details about the four behavior styles and how those styles show up in the workplace. The team used this knowledge to develop a better understanding of themselves and how to create synergy as a team and with their clients.

Rescue Buddies™ Made by the Chemours Company Team

The event was upbeat, and everyone had fun with the activities. All of the games we played allowed folks to use what they learned in the DiSC® part of the program, and earn the parts needed to build Rescue Buddies. Once everyone had won their stuffed animal parts, we moved on to assembly. Participants worked very well together; it was clear that the first part of the workshop had resonated with everyone. We threw in a few extra obstacles and challenges to really test the group, and everyone rose to the occasion beautifully. People supported each other and worked hard to meet shared goals.

Supporting Local Kids Through Kind to Kids Foundation

We arranged for Caroline Jones from Kind to Kids Foundation to arrive on-site at the end of the workshop to accept the donated Rescue Buddies. She shared a video about the beginnings of the organization and how lives have been changed. Ms. Jones’ speech brought tears to the whole group. The entire experience was emotionally and professionally rewarding for all involved. As the Chemours Company employees helped pack the Rescue Buddies™ for delivery to the Kind to Kids Foundation, we heard nothing but positive feedback from everyone.