The Elan Group’s Rescue Buddies Workshop Shines While Helping Kids in Charlotte, NC

Magnovo’s own Rob Jackson facilitated this very special leadership workshop at Le Méridien Charlotte, where participants had a chance to learn new skills and put them into practice right away.

Campfire Leadership™ Illuminates in Charlotte, NC

The Elan Group hosted a 2-day professional development workshop off-site for its leadership team. The company asked Magnovo to tailor a workshop to wrap up the second day of training. Rob Jackson came through with his own Campfire Leadership™ program, coupled with a Rescue Buddies™ charity project. It was somehow fitting to be discussing Jackson’s three leadership styles, Penlight, Spotlight, and Campfire, as the winter sun was setting. He facilitated a conversation that led folks to understand that Penlight and Spotlight leaders may offer too little or too much guidance, while Campfire leaders share a light that allows others to see better, and makes them feel like they want to connect, much like a genuine campfire would.

Ideas into Practice

Easily transitioning from high-level discussion to hands-on practice, Jackson divided the group of 40 participants into teams. As he led them through activities that increased in complexity from stacking and flipping cups to strategy games, he took the time to show them how these activities actually illuminated the three kinds of leadership they were discussing.

There was one more component of the workshop to come – putting together Rescue Buddies™. This was an opportunity for each participant to assemble a stuffed animal. They would be given to local first responders for children they assist. The Elan Group carried out their assembly tasks while also joining in group games that encouraged new ways of thinking and communicating as team leaders. Before the program was over, the Elan Group completed 40 Rescue Buddies™!

Rescue Buddies™ for the Charlotte Fire Department

It’s one thing to put together stuffed animals for a charity project; it’s another to hear just how important those items are to the people who will be receiving them. We invited Rob Cannon from the Charlotte Fire Department to come and accept the donations Mr. Cannon thanked the Elan Group for their hard work and the Rescue Buddies™. He said comfort items like these are sometimes the only thing that helps calm a child. Everyone found the stories he told moving, especially those in the group who were also parents.

Through the debriefing session, the Elan Group participants stressed how much the Campfire leadership discussions and Rescue Buddies™ activity had provided them with fresh perspectives on leading colleagues and coworkers.