There’s No I in Team: Strategies for Increasing Engagement

Employee engagement is important – there’s just no arguing that point. How important? Surveys say that 71% of workers in the US report not feeling engaged at work. Employee turnover – the end result of disengaged workers – costs the economy $11 billion annually according to the same research.

That’s a lot of lost productivity. If you don’t want your company contributing to that figure, you’ve got to figure out effective strategies for increasing your employee engagement figures. Thankfully, it’s not as hard as you might think.

Change Begins from the Top Down

Trickle down might not be an effective economic strategy, but when it comes to employee engagement it’s a great start. Ensuring that management-level workers actively exhibit the kinds of traits and attitudes that engaged employees possess – high levels of compassion for others, bilateral communication, dedication to the company, and so on – has a positive effect on the rest of the workforce.

In fact, where company leaders adopt this top-down approach, engagement jumped by 55 percent. Meanwhile, 53 percent – almost the same amount – also said that their focus improved and that their desire to leave the company declined. This makes “walking the walk”, so to speak, a great strategy for boosting engagement.

Show Your Commitment by Investing in Employee Training

Building on the idea of “walking the walk,” another way to show your commitment to your workforce – and how important their engagement is to you – is to invest company funds in employee training initiatives. However, this strategy is one that needs some serious thought, as you need to ensure you choose subjects that will be helpful – you might think that an hour-long seminar on how to supercharge Excel spreadsheets might be beneficial, but your workers will think otherwise.

Teamwork training, for example, is an excellent choice in this case, as team building activities are ideal for providing workers with the tools that lead to better engagement. Choosing to provide this type of training to your workers is, again, a way to reinforce your commitment to their engagement and will go farther than training on “hard” office skills like whatever software suite you use, so going with team building is going to provide you the best return on your investment overall.

Build Camaraderie Through Positive Activities

Employees need to know that their company values them – and that they share the same values as the company does. One of the best ways to reinforce this is to periodically hold company-wide events that focus on positive outcomes such as fundraising or volunteering for charities that align with your company’s corporate culture.

While such activities are excellent public relations events that you can use to build your company’s reputation, charitable fundraising or volunteer events are also excellent for pulling double-duty as team building events as well. Separating your workforce into teams and then having them participate in charity events – building bikes to donate to underprivileged children, for instance – reinforces the lessons learned in such an activity by associating it with the charity event.

Go with the Engagement Experts

Having trouble figuring out employee engagement strategies on your own? Feeling like your best foot forward in your attempts to increase worker engagement in your company left you falling flat on your face? Don’t keep beating your head against the wall – turn to the experts. Contact us today and find how we can provide you with solutions to get your workforce more dedicated and inspired.