Understanding the Value of Everything DiSC

There are a lot of personality and behavior assessment tools available to companies in search of professional development and team building resources. Everything DiSC® assessments are a good choice because they are rooted in sound science. Time and money are such precious resources. It’s essential that only the most effective tools get your financial and human resources investment. Not only are Everything DiSC® tools valid for evaluating staff, but they are useful in providing actionable insight for individuals and groups.

Everything DiSC® – A Snapshot

The science behind the Everything DiSC® assessment tools is laid out in a research report by Inscape Publishing, Inc. This report examines them from design to results. Participants in a DiSC® assessment workshop get 79 questions. They mark how often a given adjective can be used to describe themselves. The answers are run through a special algorithm. It determines where a person’s behavioral style falls on a circle map.

This circle is divided into four quadrants reflecting the four primary behavior styles. They are: Dominant, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness. The placement of the plot point indicates where on a continuum a person’s behavior fits. It also shows how strong that association is. Someone whose plot point falls in the middle of a quadrant may have a personality style that aligns with a single designation (e.g., Dominant). Someone whose plot point falls near the line between two styles may reflect a personality style that blends two designations (e.g., Dominant/Influence). Plot points closer to the edge of the circle generally reflect a greater intensity of type.

What Makes These Assessments Different?

Everything DiSC® assessment products include a general evaluation tool, plus several application-specific models. They are: Everything DiSC® Management, Everything DiSC® Sales, and Everything DiSC® Workplace, Everything DiSC® Work of Leaders, and Everything DiSC® Comparison Report. Each of them has been subject to the same tests for scientific validity and reliability, as outlined in the Research Report for 79-Item Assessment (PDF) conducted by Inscape Publishing, Inc.

Internal reliability and construct validity tests show that the basic set of questions itself has a sound foundation. Researchers used multidimensional scaling and principal components factor analysis to study the results of these assessments. These analyses show that the DiSC® assessment results themselves are valid. These assessments can be delivered repeatedly with predictable results. They are mathematically sound based on established principles of social science research. Evaluations take into account demographics like gender, age, education, ethnicity, and employment field. Time and again, the results are credible and consistent. This holds true for both individuals and groups.

Using DiSC® Assessments in Workshops

DiSC® workshops feature these assessments because they are consistently valid across demographics, career fields, and levels of employment. Social science practices underpin the questions, results, and analysis. They stand up to typical formal analysis. Specialized versions of the tests drill down into specific career areas, like sales, management, or leadership.

Everything DiSC® results delivered for individuals and groups are a key part of workshops. Facilitators lead participants through conversations based on assessment results. Workshop facilitators share language that allows for productive conversation and tools for motivation. They help workshop attendees understand how everyone can work together toward positive, long-term change.

A Reliable and Versatile Tool

Everything DiSC® assessments are thoroughly tested according to social science methods and analysis. The test design is valid, and the results are reliable. Assessment results are useful for individual and group evaluation. They’re especially useful when used in DiSC® workshop settings. The circle graph makes it easy to understand where someone falls along a continuum of behavioral styles. It’s also easy to get an overview of a group dynamic, making Everything DiSC® a valuable resource for companies.