University of Michigan

The university of Michigan Invests in its Pharmacy Leaders with a Team Training Day 

Incorporating the DiSC personality test into a team training day, leaders of the University of Michigan’s pharmacy program were able to learn what makes their group special and how they can use this information to their organization’s advantage.

Learning About Others Through DiSC Personality Styles

University of MichiganBeing at the helm of the University of Michigan’s pharmacy program, these group members were no strangers to challenge. Faced with decisions and problems that could affect the success of their students and the lives of the people they’ll serve in the future, strengthening communication and problem-solving skills were paramount goals in this session.

The DiSC Personality Styles was perfect for this group. All 37 participants took the DiSC assessment and got to see their results. The purpose here was to discover how learning certain elements about a person, such as what motivates them, can help themselves adapt to the other person in order to become better communicators and more trusted leaders.

The results uncovered strengths and opportunities that weren’t known prior, which gave them insight into untapped potential that could benefit the entire team.

University of Michigan Conquers Challenges – Together

Prior to the event, the group had enjoyed a day of ziplining and a ropes course, so they entered the event charged and ready to participate. The energy levels remained high, which further encouraged engagement from every person.

During the presentation, our projector died and it took several minutes to swap out a replacement. On top of this, the event was a last minute decision, giving us only a day and a half to prepare. Despite these slight abnormalities, the group was still excited about the results of their event and didn’t let these obstacles stand in the way of their success.

A Sound Investment Made for the Future

As the event wound down, we did a brief recap to gauge their feedback and see how they planned to use their new knowledge. The group feels confident about what they learned and are eager to follow up this event with a Campfire Leadership program to further improve their skills. All 37 participants seemed excited and focused to put their discoveries to work for the benefit of the University of Michigan.