ViaSat Teams Up for Castle Rock, CO Kids

As a result of a simple team building event, ViaSat employees discovered their leadership skills could benefit more than just their internal community.

Adopting a Leading-By-Service Mentality

ViaSat’s mission was simple: to create a networking opportunity for their San Diego and Denver teams to strengthen the company community. And ViaSat saw no better way to build their own community than to strengthen the community around them with a charity Bike-a-Thon™.

The event was held in Philip S. Miller Park, a well-recognized icon of the Castle Rock, CO community and the perfect spot for our large group of 80 attendees.

After a few games and warmup exercises, the teams realized that the task at hand meant more than just a chance for the teams to meet each other. They recognized it as an opportunity to do something that could benefit others while reaching their own goals. This moment of realization was all it took to get all 80 participants out of their seats and right to work.

ViaSat Makes a Difference for Local Children

Being an outdoor event, we weren’t sure what kind of weather to expect. The day turned out to be windy, but that didn’t stop the teams from completing the activities. They each seemed determined to make the Bike-a-Thon™ a success because they knew that without their efforts, local children may never know what it’s like to ride a bicycle.

In fact, the group was so focused on making this an effective event they finished well before the scheduled event end time. We were taking our photos of the finished bikes with about 30 minutes to go, and opted for an early dismissal for a job well done.

As a result of the Bike-a-Thon™, children in Castle Rock, CO were given brand new bicycles built by the ViaSat teams. But they knew that the bicycles weren’t just bicycles. For many children, these gifts would become symbols of hope and compassion.

A Successful Team Building Day in Castle Rock, CO

Both the Denver and San Diego teams were pumped to finish the event on a strong note. Both teams enjoyed the opportunity to get to know each other through service to the community. Two teams left the park as one united force, determined to use what they learned together to the advantages of others.