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W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc.’s WheelCharity Workshop Provides Mobility Solutions

The WheelCharity™ event hosted by W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc. was booked based on the recommendation of someone who attended a similar event we did in Phoenix and loved it.

Gore and AssociatesInternational Flair in Delaware

We met with the group of about 20 participants at the Hilton Wilmington Christiana. In addition to local sales teams and managers, there was a large group from the company’s Asia Pacific offices. They were all salespeople or managers, too, so it made the workshop both fun and challenging. Salespeople are one of the most competitive groups that we work with, and this group was no exception. From the very first hello in the introduction, the group was ready to get right into the activities we had planned.

WheelCharity™ Offers Hands-On Skill Building

Everyone enjoyed our most popular and successful games, like Flip Cup, Bank It, Predict It, Group Writing, and Wordles. As part of each game, the winners received wheelchair parts. Afterward, we moved on to assembly. Teams had more to do than just put wheelchairs together, though. We made it harder by giving them tasks to complete simultaneously that drove home some of the key elements of teamwork and communication to help build camaraderie and workplace skills. There was a lot of laughter and good-natured banter; people took it seriously but also had a good time.

Once the assembly phase of our workshop wrapped up, teams had a chance to try out their wheelchairs in an obstacle course we set up. This really drives home for folks the challenges inherent in a lack of mobility and adds to the meaningfulness of the workshop.

Helping Those Who Help Others, Like Bayside Community Network

The big payoff of the WheelCharity™ event is always at the end was when the chosen charity receives the donated wheelchairs. In this case, we actually had two charities on hand! Bayside Community Network received half of the wheelchairs. The group’s representative shared how the wheelchairs would go to folks whose homes would be worked on as part of an annual remodel project for folks struggling with mobility issues. The representative of the second group, a local nonprofit assisting people with mental and physical issues, was already connecting people with donated wheelchairs right away.

The feedback we received from this WheelCharity™ workshop was overwhelmingly positive. Participants felt great helping others and left the program with genuine connections to their co-workers near and far.