Johnson & Johnson Makes a Mark On Orlando With a Bike-a-Thon™-Wagon Builders™ Combo Workshop

Johnson & Johnson Makes a Mark On Orlando Florida With a Bike-a-Thon™-Wagon Builders™ Combo Workshop

We love it when companies come to us with a strong initiative they want messaged throughout their workshop. With Johnson & Johnson of course the message was health-related.
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We Help RGA Reinsurance Break in Their New St Louis Facility with a Rescue Buddies Workshop

RGA Reinsurance in St. Louis, Missouri is growing and we were honored they once again chose us to help them along the way!

An evening workshop followed a beautifully catered dinner in their brand new facility, making the night special for everyone.

They chose Rescue Buddies for their charity team building workshop, and in all 75 of the critters were assembled and donated. The receiving organization was a local fire department, which was able to send representatives to the workshop for a final donation ceremony everyone enjoyed.
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Time Warner Gives Back in Charlotte With a Little Help from our Puttin’ Pantry Workshop

Time Warner turned to us to help them give back to the Charlotte Rescue Mission with our Puttin’ Pantry charity team building workshop

Time Warner Cable has a large presence in Charlotte, North Carolina. From the Time Warner Cable Arena to corporate offices, they’re a well-known factor in Charlotte’s community. That’s why, when they came to us for their corporate event they asked for a team building workshop which allowed them to give back to their community.
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Wheelcharity™ Goes Global in Orlando with Teleflex

Our Wheelcharity™ Wheelchair Team Building Program Goes Global in Orlando Florida with Teleflex

We love it when Charity Team Building Events gets to go global and help team members come together from far corners of the world. That’s what took place when Teleflex chose us for their team building charity workshop in Orlando, Florida this winter.
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Mahle Behr Doubles the Fun and Doubles the Impact with Wheelcharity in Dayton

Mahle Behr wanted to Double the Fun And Double the Impact in Dayton with our Wheelcharity Workshop

To assist in keeping things up and running at an engineering plant in Dayton Ohio, we held our Wheelcharity ™ Workshop twice- one half of the employees participated while the other half kept the plant going. The next day, they switched and we did it all over again! We were happy to provide this customized format so production never stopped, yet everyone at the plant got to participate.
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