Corporate Team Building Games for Dealing With Change in Nashville

For this workshop, the contact came to us asking for corporate team building games that would help her group deal with corporate change.  With less time than usual (this event was booked about eight days before the event), the Charity Team Building Events team all worked together to pull off the logistics and make this event happen. Read more

Outdoor Team Building Activities Held on a Warm Summer’s Evening in Cleveland

Outdoor team building activities were made special for this group because of the beautiful location: Nela Park. If you haven’t heard of Nela Park and you’re in the Cleveland, Ohio area, you might want to check it out. This group from GE Lighting consisted of 45 participants from around the country, each and every one of whom thoroughly enjoyed gorgeous and historical setting of Nela Park. Read more

PepsiCo Chooses Team Building Activities for Charity

PepsiCo employees joined Charity Team Building Events for some team building activities for charity this August.

Traveling from five different states, this supply planning group met at the Renaissance Sea World in Orlando, Florida.  Since their main mission was to give to charity and work on team building, the Rescue Buddies Team Building Charity Workshop provided the perfect set of activities for a day of fun and learning. Read more

stuffed animal team building

Team Building Workshop Facilitators Use Humor to Maximize Participation

We always say that our team building workshop facilitators are the backbone of our organization.  It became very apparent during a recent Rescue Buddies workshop for employees of Brother, who came together for a fun workshop at a beautiful hotel.  Read more

Achieve Your Team Building Objectives with Happy Tails

We ardent fans of the Peanuts cartoon strip knew along that cartoonist Charles Schulz was right: happiness is a warm puppy; and that warm puppy could also be the key to your achieving your team building objectives.

Yes, that’s right: in this dog-eat-dog world of corporate bottom lines and cutthroat competition, your professional and personal fulfillment could be tied to a puppy or a kitten at your local animal shelter. Read more

Mission Kids Care Logo

Team Building For Charity: A Noble Mission to Help Our Kids

Filling a void– that’s what team building for charity is all about. And that’s what Mission: Kids Care is all about. According to a recent survey by global market researchers, more than 90 percent of public and private school teachers reported spending their own money to buy school supplies this year.  During the 2012-2013 school year, 99 percent of these teachers reportedly spent a whopping 1.6 billion bucks on their students! And the 2015-2016 school year is expected to be the same. Read more


Verizon Gets a Little Help with Corporate Team Building Activities in Minneapolis

Corporate team building activities notwithstanding, any manager knows that one of the greatest perils in the workplace is when change is in the air.  The workflow gets disrupted, productivity goes way down and if you let it, so does morale.

That’s one of the many reasons people come to Charity Team Building Events: they want corporate team building activities which bring participants together so they can weather the storm of corporate change.  But when one Verizon Wireless manager approached Charity Team Building Events with goals for her team, she wanted first and foremost something which would benefit someone else! Read more


The Milk of Human Kindness is the Key to Team Building Unity

Team building unity may be challenging, but it’s in our DNA. Family, clan, clique, group, comrades, amigos, crew, posse, team – no matter what you call it, our tribal urge is primal. We’re social beings, born to be together, hungry for communion with our like-minded fellows.

Even for the most introverted or reclusive ones among us, our economic, psychological, and even our emotional survival are dependent upon our relationships. This is an icky idea for some of us, but the truth is that we need each other. Read more