Become a Leader Who Models Service

What is Leadership? The Answer is Giving.

What is leadership? You could almost posit that there are as many styles, definitions, and types of leadership as there are leaders. The differences and varieties are nearly always distinguished by a person’s approach to the role.  Read more

4 Essential Team Working Skills to Propel Your Team to Greatness

Building a toolkit packed with great team working skills is one of the best things anyone can do, career-wise.  And experts agree that what team working skills really boil down to are communication. Read more


A Team Event that Delivers Joy to Local Children

If you want to host a team event that will challenge your team members to use various skills from the workplace and assist them in learning some new skills, then think about having them build wagons for children in the community. Read more

Build Wheelchairs and Improve Team Building

Team building is an integral aspect of having a cohesive team that can collaborate and create together in a positive way. Most often, giving team members a common cause to strive for, particularly one that will help others in the community, provides an excellent and positive opportunity for team building. Read more

The Four Collaboration-Killers of Virtual Team Building

Finding it difficult to get a grip on virtual team building?  You’re not alone!  Today’s teams are larger, virtual, more diverse, and full of experts. Teams look vastly different today than they did in the past, and not just because they’re virtual.  The ironic thing is: the 4 things that make virtual teams so great are also 4 things that kill collaboration. Read more

Bringing Healing to Your Community is One of the Benefits of Team Building

It could be argued that the old adage purporting that it’s better to give than to receive is only partially correct. The truth is that you receive a major payoff every time you give unselfishly. This holds true in the business world, too: one of the most tremendous benefits of team building is that you get back even more than you give. Read more

Team Spirit Runs High in Philadelphia

We see evidence of team spirit in every workshop we do, but once in a while a group comes along and blows us away with their energy, their passion, and their dedication to giving back to their community. Read more

Leadership Communication is the Focus in Minneapolis

Everyone knows leadership communication plays an important role in an organization.  That’s what an 11-person group from Medtronic had on their minds when they arrived for a Team Synergy workshop at the Marriott Minneapolis Airport this past August. Read more