Team Building Thursdays 300

Team Building Thursdays: George Bernard Shaw

Success does not consist in never making mistakes but in never making the same one a second time.

~George Bernard Shaw


DiSC Makes a Difference for The Kellogg Company

The Nutrition Department at The Kellogg Company wanted to take its communication skills to the next level. They’d been through a period of upheaval. Reorganization and restructuring led to personnel changes. Past issues, according to some folks, included micromanagement and poor interpersonal connections. They also maintained high-stakes relationships with outside organizations and needed to communicate their ideas effectively. A change was needed but they didn’t know how to begin. Read more

Team Synergy Sparks Change at Humana

A Small Department Makes Big Changes

Small teams bring a lot to the table. Because they may work closely together, they may be nimble and work quickly. But there are unique challenges inherent in teams when employees are geographically isolated. It’s not like an employee can go down the hall to confer with a colleague. And that was the problem faced by this corporate team at Humana. Read more

Leadership Tips

4 Leadership Tips for Making Your Team Great

Sometimes the best leadership tips aren’t about you: they’re about what you can do for your team.  Setting your ego aside and thinking of ways to empower your team will actually make you a better leader in the end.  When your group can be the best versions of themselves, they’ll be better able to support […]

Board of Developmental Disabilities,

Children’s Mentoring Connection Benefits from Local Teachers’ Bike-A-Thon

Educators don’t stop caring about kids once school lets out for the summer. And never was that truer than at the Board of Developmental Disabilities team building Bike-A-Thon™. Read more

Mission: Kids Care by Medtronic a Huge Success for Local Families

Medtronic recently hosted a sales training program in Bloomington, MN, where a job well done went far beyond the conference room walls. Read more

Team Building Thursdays 300

Team Building Thursdays: Mark

The first step toward success is taken when you refuse to be a captive of the environment in which you first find yourself.


Leadership Lessons

Leadership Lessons From Presidents, Past and Present

We take leadership lessons from all levels of society, but one of the best sources of wisdom is from our presidents.  Both past and present presidents have a lot to teach us, so it’s a good thing we have historians and presidential scholars to decipher these lessons for us.

Team Building in Education

When you work in the field of education, you face a special set of challenges unique to your profession. We know this because we’ve been creating team building workshops for educators for ever a decade now. And if there’s one thing we’ve learned in all those years, it’s that teamwork really makes a difference for educators who want to see positive change. Read more

Rhythm and Blues Makes Beautiful Bkes for Kids in San Jose

When a group of music and physical education teachers get together for a Magnovo Bike-A-Thon™, they make a strong team whose work is music to everyone’s ears! Read more