21st Century Oncology

21st Oncology Gives it Their All for Local Kids in Fort Myers, FL

This was a Rescue Buddies Workshop we staged for a group from 21st Century Oncology in Fort Myers, FL. The setting was the Pink Shell Hotel when 40 staff members used a few new teamwork tricks to assemble stuffed animals for the Lee County Sheriff’s Office to distribute to local children under distress. Fueled by a willingness to learn as well as a desire to give back to the community, the teams worked hard all day to practice big picture thinking and develop their leadership skills.

A Great Team Made Even Better with a Workshop Designed Especially For Them

21st Century OncologyJust as importantly, the teams we divided the group into were able to transform their energy into a great learning experience as well, with everyone giving their all to develop teamwork skills as they navigated a challenging set of warm-up activities prior to the toy building phase.

With our facilitators’ watchful guidance, the teams were able to continue meshing productively throughout the entire workshop. They were a very different group when they departed than when they arrived, as they were now equipped with communication and leadership skills that were certain to accompany them back to the office.

Sharing The Spotlight with the Lee County Sheriff’s Office

Our Charity Workshops are always designed with two sets of related goals firmly in mind. First and foremost, we design all our activities in such a way that they cater to the exact teamwork needs of our clients. Yet at the same time, it’s imperative that they have a clear and tangible benefit for the community as well.

And although these goals usually dovetail nicely, the 21st Century Oncology Rescue Buddy Workshop was especially successful in this regard. As we’ve already said, the staffers performed admirably throughout the workshop and made obvious progress in honing important teamwork skills. Just as importantly, they made a real difference in the lives of troubled local children.

They had chosen to donate their assembled toys to the Lee County Sheriff’s Office, who will eventually give them to soothe children in whose lives they’ve been forced to intervene. After the workshop was finished, a Sheriff’s Office spokesperson delivered a beautiful speech expressing their gratitude and describing the positive impact that the toys would have on children who truly needed them.

In other words, this was an incredibly satisfying and moving experience for all of us.