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A San Diego Start-Up Begins Paying it Forward Through Hospital Helpers

Corcept Therapeutics is a California startup in the healthcare field. So it’s a natural fit that the company would seek out a charity team building workshop that helped others. Enter Magnovo’s Hospital Helpers™ program. Participants prepare care packages for people in hospitals, long-term care facilities, homeless shelters, and other settings where folks might feel better just knowing someone else cares.

Getting Down to Work in San Diego, CA

We met the folks from Corcept Therapeutics at the Kimpton Solamar Hotel on a typical Southern California day. It’s a young company, a start-up, and the company culture is still coming together, but this group was clearly smart, energetic, and highly engaged. Once we explained the Hospital Helpers™ workshop and how it works, people couldn’t wait to get started!

Hospital Helpers™ Boxes Help Participants, Too

After a few icebreakers, we arranged folks into teams of 8 and then got to work. Teams played games to compete for personal care items they could add to their care boxes. But these weren’t any games. These games led participants through exercises designed to  flex teamwork, communication, and problem-solving skills. There were a lot of laughs and cheers as groups cycled through Flip the Cup, Blind Ball Drop, Dice Bank, Group Writing, Cup Pyramid, and the Selfie Challenge. Once teams had picked up enough items to fill their boxes, we moved on to the assembly step.

We offered a new round of activities for teams as they put together their boxes. These games challenged folks to hone their problem solving and resource allocation skills. With the little bit of the time we had left over, team members wrote notes to the recipients of the boxes, wishing them well.

Delivering Hope and Cheer to Alpha Project Clients

The organizers of Corcept Therapeutics’ workshop decided to help the homeless through the Alpha Project. This local nonprofit assists homeless people, including families, through empowerment. They help folks connect with employment, education, and other resources. We invited a representative of the Alpha Project, Travis Larson, to come and speak to the Corcept Therapeutics team. He was happy to come and accept the donated Hospital Helpers boxes. He thanked everyone for their hard work and shared a few stories of people whose lives were changed for the better through the Alpha Project. Everyone listened with rapt attention .

The Corcept Therapeutics team had a great afternoon. They learned to work together better and were uplifted by the chance to help local residents in need through the Hospital Helpers program.