AbbVie Mixes Business and Fun with Awards Event and Mission

AbbVieWe met with employees of the pharmaceutical company AbbVie at the Lincolnshire Marriott Resort, in a suburb of Chicago, IL. They held an awards program followed by a charity team building workshop.

AbbVie Meets in Chicago for Charity Workshop

The company invited us to create a program that complemented their Finance & Operations Excellence Awards event. After a morning spent honoring hard workers and high achievers, AbbVie wanted to pay it forward and help local schoolchildren. We came up with a custom Mission: Kids Careprogram. We worked with attendees to  develop key workplace skills associated with being prepared while assembling backpacks full of school supplies so that Forrestal Elementary School  children would be prepared for school every day.

The Importance of Being Prepared

Unfortunately, none of us was quite prepared for the massive snowstorm that hit the Chicago area the day of the event! The terrible weather did affect attendance. We planned on putting together teams of 6 or 7, and having roughly 25 teams compete for backpack items; only about half of the AbbVie employees came. And the plans we made for kids from Forrestal to come and receive the backpacks at the end of the workshop fell through because the school district closed for the day.

Everyone was disappointed. But it did provide us with a good opportunity to discuss preparation in a context. In addition, we practiced it through the games and challenges we issued to teams of participants.

Successful Mission: Kids Care™ for Forrestal Elementary School

Despite everything, all of the AbbVie participants were enthusiastic and eager to excel. They enjoyed games like Say What I Say, Air Counting, Flip Cup, Dice Game, Wordles, and Group Writing. People packed up more than 1,800 items for students enrolled at Forrestal! As we assembled the backpacks full of supplies, we revisited key elements of preparation and teamwork. Participants helped pack up Mission: Kids Caredonations, too, so that they could be brought to the school.

We held a short debriefing session after the workshop, although it was truncated slightly in light of the worsening road conditions. Magnovo’s main office received a lovely letter from AbbVie’s event organizers a few days later, though.In it, Magnovo received thanks for the amazing and interactive team building event. AbbVie organizers said their folks felt the event was rewarding and left participants with practical skills that would improve productivity and efficiency. The letter also reports that the students at Forrestal were thrilled to receive their new backpacks. In closing, the letter expressed the hope that Magnovo could work with AbbVie again someday; we hope so, too.