Amazon Doubles Bike-A-Thon™ Donation for Snoqualmie Valley YMCA

Members of an executive retreat go the extra mile in a charity team building Bike-A-Thonfor the local YMCA.

Amazon Executives Go Above and Beyond For Kids

It may have been a typical snowy day in Washington, but it couldn’t dampen the enthusiasm of these 24 IT department leaders from Amazon! The company’s executive retreat focused on developing leadership skills. The Bike-A-Thonhelped them to embrace teamwork in a tangible way while also helping local children. We introduced advanced leadership skills through customized, targeted activities. Then we gave folks a chance to use them in action. The result? Improved teamwork and a chance to do something positive for kids in need.

For a group this size – about 25 participants – assembling and donating four bicycles is typical. But the team from Amazon stepped it up – more than a notch. They committed to delivering on eight bicycles for the children of the Snoqualmie Valley YMCA!

Developing Leadership Skills in Snoqualmie, WA

Our Bike-A-Thongames like Flip Cup, Say What I Say, and Wordles encouraged the teams to try new models for working towards a common goal. Winning teams earned the bicycle parts necessary for putting together the children’s bikes. As teams moved on from acquiring parts to assembly, they were ready!

This was a hands-on opportunity to put new ideas into practice. Even though this was a competitive group, they channeled this individual drive for success into unity. Teams focused on identifying and using each person’s unique skill set. Specially designed tasks offered something for everyone’s skill level and ability.

This group powered through bicycle assembly like no teams we’ve ever seen. For 90 minutes, this group welcomed challenge after challenge. They rose to the occasion every time, and they even finished early! A room full of beaming faces and high-fives all around reflected how proud they were of their success.

Bike-A-Thon™ is a Hit for Snoqualmie YMCA Kids

Nate Smith, a representative of the Snoqualmie Valley YMCA, arrived at the conclusion of the workshop. He was wowed by the group’s commitment to teamwork, as shown by the number of bikes completed. Mr. Smith thanked everyone. He also shared several stories about the kids who come to the YMCA and how these bikes would help them. As we wrapped up, we solicited feedback from the group. All the remarks were positive; people enjoyed learning by doing and helping kids at the same time.