An Anything Everything Program Improves the Centennial School District’s IT Department

There are many challenges and a lot of pressure when an IT department has to support a large group of people in a complex and fast-paced school environment. Centennial School District in Welches, OR, called Magnovo to meet its 10-person IT Department at The Resort in at the Mountain.They wanted some customer service pointers and encouragement.

centennial-school-districtAn Anything Everything™ Program

Our facilitator spent two full days with the Centennial IT team. We arranged for a full day of customer service training. We peppered it with interactive and fun activities to emphasize the key concepts and encourage harmony within the group. Where possible, activities were tailored to classroom settings in order to make the workshop more relevant for school district customer service development.

We spent a large part of the first day covering Patrick Lencioni’s The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, followed by The Ideal Team Player as it relates to combating ordinary dysfunction within the team dynamic. The second day begins with a Wagon Builders™ activity.

Wagon Builders™ in Welches, OR

The group had a lot of fun competing and working together to assemble four wagons. Each of the two teams we made up played several rounds of games and activities to earn the parts necessary to assemble wagons.

Teams filled the wagons with school supplies. These wagons would be donated to the schools within the district that are most in need to help. This would help ensure that the kids who needed it most would be provided for as a new school year began. It was a great show of their concern about the kids, not just the machines in the system.

During the afternoon session that followed, we had some really productive discussions as we debriefed the group. We were able to unpack and explore some natural tension within the team; we also made some headway in communicating those issues and some potential solutions among department members.

A Commitment to Kids

Because this was a 2-day event, the facilitator had the opportunity to spend a lot of time with the IT Department from Centennial. He came away with the impression that this was a naturally a great group of people. They’re fun to be around and obviously like each other. But anytime there’s a “family”, there’s going to be tensions that need to be worked through. The discussions and activities helped folks who wanted to grow closer and minimize dysfunction and miscommunication.

We left the IT Department of Centennial School District recommitted to serving educators and students, just in time for a new school year.