Association of American Medical Colleges Hosts Rescue Buddies Workshop Full of Surprises

The non-profit Association of American Medical Colleges had a small off-site meeting recently in Washington, D.C. This is the group that administers the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT).

A Customized Workshop for the Association of American Medical Colleges

Roughly 40 employees of the Association of American

Medical Colleges met for a day of meetings at the Washington Marriott Marquis in Washington, D.C. The event organizers wanted to do something special at this event, in the hopes that participants would feel motivated and inspired. Magnovo worked with the AAMC to develop a customized Rescue Buddies™ workshop exclusively for this event.

Starting the Day Off Right in Washington, D.C.

The small ballroom we had at the Washington Marriott Marquis was perfect for our workshop. People had ample room to move around when we divided the group into teams. Each team competed for the parts needed to assemble the Rescue Buddies. These stuffed animals are donated to law enforcement and other organizations that work closely with children who may be in need of urgent comfort. In this case, we were going to surprise the AAMC team by arranging for children from the local Houston Elementary School to come and receive the Rescue Buddies.

Teams played games that called on them to use critical teamwork skills, communication skills, and conflict resolution skills. People’s enthusiasm and energy were unstoppable!

Everyone worked well together, even folks who weren’t part of the group’s daily mix. MMC  teams took their efforts to the next level, too. They made special heart decorations for each of the Rescue Buddies. They also wrote a personal note to accompany each stuffed animal.

AAMC Supports Local Houston Elementary School

People attending the workshop knew that their Rescue Buddies would be going to the special education department at the local Houston Elementary School. They were shocked and thrilled when a few students from the school arrived at the end of the workshop! These children came to accept delivery of the stuffed animals on behalf of the special education department at their school. The looks on their faces were utterly joyful! There was barely a dry eye in the place.

We spent a little time mingling with the kids and then took some group photos for the MMC teams and the school. The children were very appreciative of the hard work done on their animals.