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Converse Corporate Teambuilding Workshop

Converse is one of our most loyal corporate teambuilding customers. They called us recently to work with 20 of their Millennial executives. So we joined them in their corporate office in Boston on Lovejoy Wharf for a very unique Bike-a-thon Charitable Teambuilding Workshop. Charity and the Converse corporate culture The conference room to which we were assigned […]

Team Synergy on the Vegas Strip

The following is what happens when you put a compassionate real estate developer with a Magnovo team synergy expert. Coromandel Properties invited us to conduct a Bike-a-thon Charitable Teambuilding Workshop in Las Vegas.  Despite the 106-degree temperature, we kept our cool and embraced the challenge with gusto. Of course, it’s easy to get excited about […]

Charitable Teambuilding with NuSkin Enterprises

Our charitable teambuilding workshop in Hawaii turned out to be an adventure in paradise on an epic scale! Remember how in the movie, “The Wizard of Oz,” a tornado swept up the house and dropped Dorothy and Toto in the middle of a fairy tale? Well, our trip to The Big Island led us directly […]

Corporate Team Bonding Kaiser Permanente Style

Our client, Kaiser Permanente, is the poster child for corporate team bonding. Notice the cluster of people in the logo? That’s not just for branding. It represents their dedication to their 12 million clients and to be a good corporate neighbor. Corporate team bonding is the glue that makes authentic team building possible. Why? Because […]

Leadership Teambuilding with Fortive

Leadership teambuilding at Fortive translates as Kaizen, a Japanese ideology which means “continuous improvement.” Doing and being better is the focus of everything they do. And the Kaizen concept shapes their corporate culture. Fortive recognized that our Bike-a-thon Charitable Teambuilding Workshop could improve their leadership teambuilding. And they were right. Fortive is a global industrial […]

Reaching for the Pinnacle of Company Team Bonding

Our recent Bike-a-thon with Pinnacle Actuarial Resources, Inc. was a delight. And our predictions of success at company team bonding were spot on. We based our predictions about these data-dynamos on insights into their corporate culture:….to truly understand what the information means, you need a partner who goes beyond the numbers to something much greater: […]

The Art of Company Team Bonding with Sunbrella/Glen Raven

Nothing says company team bonding like a family business. Sunbrella/Glen Raven Custom Fabrics, LLC started out as a family-run cotton mill in the 1880s. Dying, spinning, weaving, and designing–they did it all. Fun fact: This North Carolina-based company is also an innovator. Circa 1950, the company president’s wife had a clever idea that eventually morphed […]

Abiomed Understands the Importance of Teambuilding

The importance of teambuilding took on a whole new meaning when Magnovo worked with Abiomed in Cambridge, Massachusetts. We planned on a leisurely July 4th holiday. But it became a different kind of celebration. A celebration of resilience and courage! Abiomed is a medical technology pioneer in the field of cardiology. It was established in […]

Corporate Team Development for The Carroll Management Group

  So there we were. The Carroll Management Group–-a front-runner among privately-held real estate companies. The Magnovo Training Group–redefining teambuilding, corporate team development, and leadership training across the globe. It’s amazing what can happen when two world-class forerunners get together. Success is simply inevitable. We’ve had the pleasure of working with The Carroll Management Group […]

Company Teambuilding with Cherry Bekaert

Cherry Bekaert, LLP, one of our most valued clients asked us to help beef up their company teambuilding strategies. This time we were invited to conduct a  special Rescue Buddies Stuffed Animal Teambuilding Workshop as part of a fun kind of reconnaissance mission in Orlando Florida. Cherry Bekaert, LLP has a 70-year track record as […]