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Company Teambuilding with Cherry Bekaert

Cherry Bekaert, LLP, one of our most valued clients asked us to help beef up their company teambuilding strategies. This time we were invited to conduct a  special Rescue Buddies Stuffed Animal Teambuilding Workshop as part of a fun kind of reconnaissance mission in Orlando Florida. Cherry Bekaert, LLP has a 70-year track record as […]

Mondelez Makes Company Teambuilding Sweet

For Mondelez International, company teambuilding is as important as their product lines. So naturally, they were eager to partner with Magnovo for a charitable teambuilding workshop. Mondelez International is one of the biggest snack companies in the world. Their 800,000 employees produce delicious treats for customers in 160 countries. Trident. Oreo. Chips Ahoy! Clorets. Dentyne. Toblerone. Sour […]

Charitable Teambuilding with Fidelity Investments

Charitable teambuilding events are great icebreakers for company newbies. Just ask Fidelity Investments for whom we hosted a Bike-a-thon Charitable teambuilding Workshop in Covington, Kentucky. The veterans on the team wanted the 2 new hires to feel welcomed and get to know them better. So 14 staffers spent the afternoon building bikes for needy kids in […]

How Our Team Building Ideas Worked for Dechert

The strongest team building ideas change how people see their role on a team. That was the goal our client  Dechert, LLP  set when we met them in New York. They asked us to facilitate a Rescue Buddies Stuffed Animal Team Building Workshop as part of their summer intern orientation. The Dechert, LLP law firm opened […]

The Best Ideas for Teambuilding Start with Charity

Medtronic believes that the best ideas for teambuilding involve community service and charitable works. And this conviction is reflected in their mission statement: It guides our day-to-day work and reminds us that our efforts are transforming the lives of millions of people each year. Medtronic is a forerunner in the healthcare industry. And they are […]

Corporate Team Bonding Workshop With CDW

It’s always gratifying when a corporate team bonding workshop is such a perfect fit for a client. Our recent Hospital Helpers Charity Workshop with technology giant CDW was a match made in heaven. The first clue: on the company website they refer to their 8,700-strong workforce as “coworkers.” This speaks volumes about their corporate culture, […]

Company Teambuilding with MGT Consulting

In the midst of a daunting schedule of marathon meetings and training, the MGT Consulting staff in Tampa needed a serious company teambuilding reboot. That’s when our Mission: Kids Care Workshop came to the rescue. Mission: Kids Care is reciprocity at its best. Workshop participants are transformed from “coworkers” into friends, who get to know […]

Charitable Teambuilding in the Arizona Desert

In the heat of the Arizona desert, we conducted one of our coolest Bike-a-thon Charitable teambuilding Workshops ever. Our client: LeadMD based in Scottsdale. They’ve got the right prescription to generate leads for businesses that want to maximize their marketing dollars. We arrived on a Friday and found these laid-back, lead-generating rock stars in full […]

Essex Property Corporation Team Bonding

In the City of Angels, we recently spent the day facilitating team bonding activities with some old friends. The Essex Property Corporation has earned a stellar reputation for quality apartment construction and the development of beautifully designed communities. They’re one of the biggest real estate developers on the West Coast; and philanthropically, they have one […]

The Importance of Teambuilding to Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines is one company where the importance of teambuilding is as clear as a blue sky. They started out as a small crop dusting operation. Now Delta commands more than 15,000 flights every day and serves 180 million passengers each year. They couldn’t stay aloft without a strong team. A vital part of that […]