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Ballpark Fun Makes for an Awesome Team Building Event for Ryan Homes

A group from Ryan Homes gathered for a charity team building workshop in Pittsburgh, PA with us this summer. Probably everyone who attended would agree that it’s one for the history books, on all accounts.

ryan homes

Held in PNC Park, home of the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball team, this workshop was major-league fun. As we worked our way through our tried-and-true team building activities, it was clear this group was already great at teamwork.

Perhaps it was the awesome location? After all, it’s not every day we all get to work on teamwork in an MLB ballpark. The beautiful summer day, the excitement of being in such a famous spot, and the knowledge everyone was doing great things to help kids… could be those things too, making for a great workshop.

Kids From the Boys and Girls Club of Western Pennsylvania Showed Up

As always, one of the major highlights of a charity workshop is when the kids show up. For the Ryan Holmes group, it was a great way to end a fun day at PNC Park. For the kids from the Boys and Girls Club of Western Penn, it was a double bonus (baseball AND bicycles).

Who wouldn’t love a fun outing to a MLB ballpark, capped off by a bicycle of your very own? All the donations went to happy, smiling kids. Plus, everyone loves to see stronger community bonds being formed. Neither the workshop participants nor the kids will forget this day for quite some time!

Bicycles, Ballparks, and Beautiful Days

Bicycles were so fitting for this particular charity group, since one of their major drives is to fight childhood obesity. You see, BGCWPA has many initiatives, but one of the most important of them is to help local kids stay fit.

As is the case all over the nation, childhood obesity levels are high in the area. That means anything that gets kids out of doors and enjoying the day helps. Programs like their baseball and softball activities, plus their state of the art baseball complex go a long way towards helping out too.

BGCWPA has a strong focus on baseball and softball for its kids, so it was certainly fitting that our event was staged in a ballpark! We were glad we could offer a way for the Ryan Holmes group to help BGCWPA and the great kids we met this beautiful sunny day in the ballpark.