Campfire Connections

Campfire Connections

Are you a ‘Campfire leader’? This workshop helps you discover your own personal leadership style. Even if you don’t hold a leadership position, you’ll learn things about yourself and others that will open your eyes and help you get better at everything you do. 

Campfire ConnectionsIt’s possible to find leadership lessons almost anywhere if you look hard enough. The world’s top leaders and influencers find inspiration in the darndest of places, but that’s what makes them great leaders! A unique take on what makes a good leader can show you more than anything else, and that’s what we offer in this brand new workshop.

Insight on Leadership, for Non-Leaders

Our very own Rob Jackson, the founder of Magnovo, has written a very successful book on leadership called Campfire Leadership: Effective Leadership from a Personality Perspective. It’s been so well-received, in fact, that we took it and created the equally popular Campfire Leadership program.

Now, the third incantation of Rob’s book is here and it’s called Campfire Connections. We’ve found that all team members can benefit from the fascinating insights that come from reading Rob’s book, so Campfire Connections was born.

This is a workshop, not a full-fledged leadership training program like Campfire Leadership. It’s also aimed at non-leaders.

Leadership Styles Around the Campfire

The concepts in Rob’s book are easy to grasp because of the ingenious way he has chosen to view the different types of leaders. From his unique perspective, there are four types of leaders:

  1. Torch leader
  2. Disco Light leader
  3. Spotlight leader
  4. Lighthouse leader

Even if you’re not a leader, finding out which type you are, makes for a fascinating journey of self-discovery. It’s fun to explore, and fun to match leaders you know with one or more of the four types.

What’s the ‘Campfire’ imagery all about? Your group will find out during this interactive workshop that challenges everyone to dive deeper into human nature and workplace behavior. The goal? Better communication, more collaboration, and better teamwork for everything your group does at work.

If that sounds good to you, then Campfire Connections might a great choice for your next team building event. Give us a call or use the form on this site for more info or to book your workshop today.