Charitable Team Building and Team Unity

Charitable Team Building and Team Unity

Having the members of your organization or team donate some of their time and energy to a charity will have a strong and positive impact on team unity. Anytime a team unites to perform selfless duties, the individual members cannot help but feel a sense of pride and connection.

Lend a Hand to Decorate a Local Library

Charitable Team Building and Team UnityA great activity that will foster team unity is to have your team volunteer to decorate a local library. Contact a library in your area to see what it might need. The library might need your team to collect some books for the shelves, or help with some painting, or provide some greenery or artwork. Once you find out what the library requires, you can divide your team members into separate teams that can fulfill each requirement.

One team might decide to hold a book drive. Another team can go out into the community and ask hardware stores for paint and any other items that the library might need for restoration. Another team might get some plants, soil, and pots and create some greenery for the library. Coordinate a day with the library when the team can drop off all of the donations they have accumulated and spend the day painting or decorating in whatever way best suits the library. This is team unity at its best.

Help Soldiers Overseas

Almost everyone knows a veteran or somehow who is currently serving in the military. Pitching in to support soldiers who are currently serving overseas, away from all of the comforts of home, will provide an abundance of camaraderie and team unity to your team members. Have your team brainstorm to come up with a list of items they want to include in care packages to send to the soldiers. Items that can be included are various toiletries, dried food, books, candy, cookies, music and batteries, Ziploc bags, beverages, beef jerky, gum, socks, T-shirts, nuts, canned items, and any unique items that will bring a smile to a soldier’s face.

Once the team decides upon the items, they can split up into different teams and go shopping. When they return to the workplace, they can all meet in a conference room where they can set up an assembly line, fill the boxes, and seal them to properly prepare them for shipping.

Doing Good Does Team Unity Good

Nothing bolsters team unity more than taking time to do some charity work. Not only will your team be working closely together for a good cause, they will also be establishing a sense of pride and worth among themselves and as a group.