Charitable Teambuilding with Dechert LLP

Repeat business is the fruit of repeated success. We had the pleasure of working with Dechert LLP again recently during one of our most popular charitable teambuilding events. The Dechert staff was dynamic and invigorating as usual and our facilitators loved working with them.

Dechert LLP is a major player in international litigation. The scope of their legal expertise includes tax, real estate, intellectual property, life science, financial restructuring, international arbitration, and more. Dechert’s influence is as vast as their reach. Yet they find time to donate more than 80,000 hours of pro bono work each year.

Charitable teambuilding on a mission

They asked us to join them in launching their diversity and inclusion training initiative. This is a heavy topic and a major issue in the legal industry. Diversity and inclusion are built into the Magnovo business model, so this collaboration was a very organic process for us.

We are experts at finding ways to eliminate conflicts caused by differences that alienate people. Our customized events are social platforms that make the things people have in common both obvious and easy to work with.

We tailored our Wheelcharity Teambuilding Workshop to exactly mirror Dechert’s diversity and inclusion strategy point-for-point, strategy-for-strategy. As a result, our charitable teambuilding approach added tremendous scope and value to their symposium.

Charitable teambuilding on wheels

The Wheelcharity concept puts “inclusion” into action. We got things rolling at the historic Soho Grand Hotel in Manhattan. Our team of facilitators helped Dechert’s 80 staffers build 13 wheelchairs for some people who often feel excluded every day. Many disabled military veterans feel cut off from society because they can’t get around on their own.

There are 20 million military veterans in the USA, and nearly 4 million suffered service-connected disabilities. The average cost of a standard wheelchair is $500, which is financially out of reach for many of these heroes.

Most of us take our ability to move around for granted. But for millions of Americans, mobility is a daily challenge. Wheelchairs remove barriers to personal freedom and help them win the battle to resume normal, productive lives with their families.

The 13 wheelchairs donated to the Manhattan Campus of VA New York Harbor Healthcare System helped to change 13 lives. They made day-to-day responsibilities less of a struggle. They restored the new owners’ freedom and sense of well being. The wheelchairs allowed each recipient to move physically and this can improve their mental and emotional health.

Both Magnovo and Dechert LLP were honored to be a part of this charitable teambuilding event. It’s gratifying to make such a  difference in the lives of men and women who sacrificed for us all.