Charlotte, NC Site of Wheelchair Fundraiser Event by Oliver Healthcare

A company that provides sterile, protective packaging for medical tools and devices hosted a charity fundraiser to benefit disabled veterans.

Harnessing Team Building for Charity

It was an excited crowd of sales personnel that had gathered in the heart of the Queen City. With the backdrop of the Hilton Charlotte Center City hotel, a collection of passionate and enthusiastic Oliver Healthcare employees – many of which had never experienced a team building activity like this – were keen to get started to partner with WheelCharity™ to help the North Carolina DAV to put wheelchairs where they were most desperately needed.

We’re pleased to report that Oliver Healthcare’s sales team took to their tasks like ducks to water. Coming together to root for one another while competing in half-a-dozen mini games designed to stretch the mind, body, and imagination. After the dust had settled, everyone declared that the event was a massive success and that Oliver Healthcare should line up some more philanthropic team building events in the near future.

Giving Aid to the DAV

It wasn’t all fun and games, though. In fact, nobody ever lost sight of the real reason behind the entertainment: Oliver Healthcare had gathered to aid the North Carolina DAV by providing it with much-needed support. In fact, it was the largest philanthropic gift made by the company in its history, according to Oliver’s president.

Representative Kristofer Knowlton, the Regional Commander of the Disabled American Veterans  of  North Carolina, reinforced the importance of what the sales team had done that day. He laid it on the line when he spoke to the crowd and explained how the waitlist for receiving a new wheelchair through the organization was six veterans deep; more than a few happy tears were shed after Knowlton revealed that the day’s charity event would pay for wheelchairs for all six – and that there would be enough left over for a 7th wheelchair as well.

Oliver Healthcare Packaging came together with WheelCharity™ in a major way this January, showing its employees that teamwork is capable of accomplishing real difference in the world. Judging by the reaction, it won’t be long before Oliver plans yet another event in the future.