Comcast: Always Improving Communications, Builds Bikes Too

Earlier this year we did a Bike-A-Thon™ with Comcast in Denver, Colorado.  The fun part was, both companies are all about communications but in totally different ways!

  1. What Does ‘Communication’ Mean to You?

    comcastLots of companies book our Bike-A-Thon™ charity workshop with one thing in mind: giving back to the community.  The workshop is known for that, since lots of bicycles are donated each year through our company and the clients we serve.

    What many don’t realize is that there are added benefits to Bike-A-Thon™, built right in.  One of them is an improvement on communication.  You see, we build in fun, we build in charity, and we also build in activities that challenge basic team building skills (like communication).

    For us, and for our clients, good communication is key.  It’s how we get along at work, how we increase productivity, and it’s how we build a better team.  Communication is the basis for collaboration, and when we are truly collaborating and tapping into the creative parts of our minds when solving problems, we are reaching our full potential.

    For Comcast, communication is a product- they help us reach one another through email, they help us see the world through their internet services, and they entertain us through cable TV.  

  2. Comcast and Magnovo See Eye to Eye on Communication

    We may have different ideas about the meaning of ‘communication’, but Comcast and Magnovo came together in the Bike-A-Thon™ workshop to agree on one thing: when we communicate clearly, we’re being effective and we reach our goals.

    How did we reach that conclusion?  Well, in Bike-A-Thon™, where participants build bicycles for local kids, parts and tools aren’t just given out. Teams have to earn them!

    And to earn bicycle parts and tools, teams must complete a series of challenges, all of which can be overcome through the use of great communication.  

  3. Lots of Kudos From Participants

    After ice breakers and the interactive sessions where teams earned their parts, bicycles were built and everyone agreed it had been a great time.  The regional VP chimed in that he thought it was a great workshop too.

    Bike-A-Thon™ never fails to disappoint!  That’s why it’s our number one requested charity team building workshop.  There’s just something wonderful about building bicycles for local kids.  In most cases, we work with the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, who are always on hand to send a rep to the workshop to receive the bicycles.