Company Teambuilding with Cherry Bekaert

Cherry Bekaert, LLP, one of our most valued clients asked us to help beef up their company teambuilding strategies. This time we were invited to conduct a  special Rescue Buddies Stuffed Animal Teambuilding Workshop as part of a fun kind of reconnaissance mission in Orlando Florida.

Cherry Bekaert, LLP has a 70-year track record as one of the largest accounting firms in the country. Their CPAs provide tax, management, and accounting services to healthcare and transportation firms. They also work with real estate developers, restaurants, and multinational corporations; and government agencies, and organizations in many other industries.

It has been Maganovo’s honor to work with them several times over the past few years. In fact, they were so inspired by the impact of their last Rescue Buddies workshop that they requested an encore.

Company teambuilding in Orlando

This year we were inside the Disney Theme Park at the Wyndham Grand Orlando Resort Bonnet Creek in Orlando. The hotel’s customer service was outstanding, and the Epcot Center and Disney’s Animal Kingdom were at our doorstep. So we could have been easily distracted by our luxurious surroundings, but our client was on a serious mission and so were we.

You see, each year Cherry Bekaert hosts a summer conference called CONNECT, in which it introduces students to the industry and to their corporate culture. This year they decided to add another component: our workshop would be used to evaluate potential interns.

So 134 Millennial participants who worked in small groups were tasked with creating a Rescue Buddy while seeking to impress the Cherry Bekaert execs–one of whom was embedded in each group, a bit like the “Undercover Boss” TV show. Cherry Bekaert LLP is a very prestigious firm so a lot was at stake; while it might have been daunting for some students, for others it was their chance to shine.

Accountability in accounting

At Cherry Bekaert, it is very important to them to have a workforce that values the importance of philanthropic service. Giving back to the community is one of their core values which always resonates with Millennials. Indeed, these young employees expect the companies they work for to have a sense of social responsibility and are particularly excited about businesses that believe as they do.

Naturally, these prospective interns were being vetted by our client. Doubtless, these students also vetted Cherry Bekaert and were excited about the prospect of coming on board.

Although this generation is always game for community outreach, there are other professional demands they must master, too, and that’s where we come in.

Magnovo has a reputation for working successfully with Millennials in developing their leadership, communications, and collaborative skills and helping them to bridge the great multi-generational divide. We accepted the Cherry Bekaert challenge eagerly.

Company teambuilding with stuffed toys

Rescue Buddies do precisely that–they come to the emotional rescue of traumatized children after a family tragedy. Each cuddly animal comes in a brightly colored backpack with its own birth certificate attached.

These Rescue Buddies were delivered to their new owners by two charitable organizations. The first, New Image Youth Center provides year-round academic support to troubled youth. And  Bridges of Light Foundation targets abused, abandoned, neglected, and other at-risk children.

During the presentation, each aspiring intern held their donation in their arms. They were surprised to learn that they would go to children in crisis in the Orlando community. The expressions of joy and delight on their faces brought tears to the eyes of the charity representatives. They said that seeing the impact this experience had on the participants really affected them.

Everyone was emotionally overwhelmed and gratified by the whole experience. The Cherry Bekaert executives were impressed with this year’s crop of Millennials. And, of course, Magnovo is honored to remain their go-to company teambuilding expert.