Comprehensive Health Insights Chooses Team Building for Telecommuters in Kentucky

Comprehensive Health Insights has realized that for people who work from home, team building is a particular challenge.

They brought to us a technical team well versed in virtual communication, however the group rarely ever got to put their in-person communication skills to the test. That’s because 90% of the 65 participants were telecommuters who saw each other only once a year!

This presented an exciting challenge. Comprehensive Health Insights indicated to us in their initial consultation that the goal was two-fold:

  1. develop virtual communication skills
  2. just have fun as a group

Check, and check! We suggested our Wheelcharity Wheelchair Team Building Workshop and it was a go.

Comprehensive-Health-Insights-LogoRight off the bat with the first activity of the day, teams were diving into good times and practicing their communication skills. Here’s how it worked:

Team Building With Stress on “Fun”

Participants were paired off and asked to turn back-to-back. Then, each person was instructed to change one thing about his or her appearance. After facing each other again, the power of observation was tested as they tried to figure out what had been altered about their partner’s appearance.

This was met with laughter so we knew it was a good way to start the day. We were already accomplishing our given task of getting these technical workers to have fun as a group!

The next phase of the activity was to repeat, but this time for partners to change three things about their appearance. More laughter- roars this time!

The group was not only enjoying some well-deserved fun and camaraderie but also learning that it’s important to identify changes. Why? Because when you’re sensitive to what’s going on with your customers, you’ll be better able to meet their needs.

Then Some Advanced Communication Exercises

Comprehensive-Health-Insights-Happy-GroupThe One Minute Commercial is a favorite activity when we’d like groups to build higher level communication skills. Here’s how this one went:

Once the groups were broken into their teams, the real teamwork began. They were tasked with coming up with a 1-minute commercial with the object of using teamwork skills to design a creative, enthusiastic, and compelling commercial featuring any product or service they chose. The commercials were so hilarious and very entertaining that the judges had a difficult time deciding on a winner!

The Charitable Component

The final part of the event was the assembly of the Wheelchairs and the maneuvering of the wheelchairs around a designed obstacle course. The task didn’t sound all that difficult until they found out that the person pushing the wheelchair would be blindfolded and required to get their instructions from the person sitting in the wheelchair! It proved very challenging as the people had to rely on each other to maneuver around the course.

The event ended by with a representative from the local VA Hospital here in Kentucky coming in and accepting the wheelchairs. He shared with the group his appreciation for donating high quality wheelchairs that will be used by the VA to transport the patients around the hospital. Big grins from everyone!