Corporate Charity Team Building Events – For Companies

Corporate Charity Team Building Events combine leadership training with charitable giving. It incorporates corporate social responsibility and personal development through team building activities and workshops. To clarify, Charity Team Building for Companies creates a memorable and experience that is full of meaning. Your team will never forget the skills they’ve learned because of the good they did.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is often corporate or organizational-based volunteer work, but sometimes required by companies. When CSR is combined with Magnovo’s team building exercises, tomorrow’s leaders are created, current leadership, morale and motivation are overall improved.

To sum up, we get that you need more than just a fun activity for your team to do because we understand that others miss the point.

Our highly-trained facilitators combine professional CSR with the skills needed for your company’s success and overall improvement.

Types of Corporate Charity Team Building Events and Activities

  1. Rescue Buddies™ – Stuffed Animal Building Workshop
  2. Bike-A-Thon™ – Bike Assembly
  3. WheelCharity™ – Building Wheelchairs
  4. Wagon Builders™ – Custom Wagon Assembly
  5. Puttin’ Pantry™ – Food Donations and Putting Golf
  6. Mission: Military Care™ – Care Packages for Armed Forces
  7. Donate-A-Dinner™ – Skills that feed the hungry
  8. Mission: Kids Care™ – Back to School Supply kits
  9. Hospital Helpers – Care packages that cheer up patients
  10. Mission: Sports Care! – Packages for kids to play sports

Popular Corporate Charity Team Building Events and Activities

Rescue Buddies

Assemble Stuffed Animals to Provide Comfort
Did you know first responders keep stuffed animals in their vehicles to calm children in distressed situations?

Rescue Buddies


Impact the Life of a Small Child by Assembling A Bike
Because everyone is working together and understanding personality styles, everyone wins in the #1 CSR activity!


Mission: Military Care

A Passion for Supporting Our Deployed Soldiers
Care packages are custom filled with the most requested items. In addition, it includes a heartfelt note from your team!

Mission Military Care

Puttin’ Pantry

Creativity Shines While Building a Mini Golf Course
Bring out a sense of community and the best in team spirit gathering nonperishable food items.

Puttin' Pantry

Team Synergy

High Performance Team Building
Learning masked in fun! Engage your team in action-based learning to enhance team skills.

Team Synergy

Wagon Builders

Break Down Barriers by Building Wagons
Bring normalcy to victims of domestic abuse or life threatening illnesses with your donation.

Wagon Builders


Build Wheelchairs for a Local or Global Group
Put your team in the driver’s seat and realize the challenge to be wheelchair bound.


Mission: Kids Care

Provide Important School or Holiday Packages
Imagine looking around the room and not having the needed schools supplies that other kids have.

Mission: Kids Care

What makes our charity team building events different?

Includes Magnovo
(Charity Team Building Events)
Leadership Development YESNO
Motivational Skill Building YESNO
Communication Skills YESNO
Helping A Charity YESYES
Team BondingYESSOME
Customizable EventsYESSOME

Our Charity Team Building Events are the choice of Fortune 500 companies because we are part of Magnovo, the experts in corporate professional development and creating tomorrow’s leaders.

Past Customers:

Our facilitator was so energetic and really connected with my group well. They had such positive things to say after the event. The group had been through a longer, slower morning and this activity was absolutely perfect to re-energize them!


It was great to talk about our group dynamics and what we would like to achieve with the facilitator beforehand, so they were able to tailor the team building activities to our specific needs.

T.Y.Verizon Wireless

Thank you for being so flexible and working with us. This was a great workshop and really promoted teamwork. It was an excellent exercise and I will definitely recommend this to other team members in the future! Our facilitator was great!

G.K.Wells Fargo

Our facilitator was able to engage with the group and encourage interaction within teams. It was a great balance of bringing up team building points and having fun and interacting with different coworkers.