Different Departments Come Together in Providence, RI as Lenze Americas Goes Indoors For a Fantastic Bike-A-Thon

This was a high-energy event from the very beginning, even after a nasty morning of wind and rain forced the proceedings into the Providence Marriott Downtown where things were dry. The team from Lenze Americas was truly a joy to work with, especially how so many different types of people put their egos aside for the sake of something bigger.

An Enriched Perspective Makes For a Better Team Under Any Conditions

Representatives from three different departments participated in the workshop, with a total of 90 salespeople, marketers, and engineers in attendance. This eclectic mix underscored an important two-fold goal that Lenze Amercias had coming into the workshop– to help these very different people get better acquainted and get them to see things from the others’ perspective.

This is a goal we understand very well, not to mention one we’ve helped hundreds of companies achieve to great benefit. People don’t work as well when they don’t understand what their co-workers do on a daily basis, even if their respective duties seem vastly different on the surface. Enhancing the individual perspectives of a staff is one of the most important jobs that team building can do. Not only does this new perspective lead to mutual respect and increase morale, it also makes the individual departments more efficient.

In order to facilitate this goal, we made sure to mix the teams up in such a way that the marketers, the salespeople, and the engineers had to work closely together. This proved to be a good idea as the morning progressed, with everyone having fun and finding creative solutions for the challenges and games we created for them.

A Two For One Charity Workshop with the Whitin Community Center and the Taft Early Learning Center

Lenze Americas chose to help out two local charities with their donated bikes– The Whitin Community Center and the Taft Early Learning Center. Both of these groups do an amazing job teaching and supporting local children. The pleasure of giving was doubled again when kids from both centers came to accept the donations on behalf of the charities. The gratitude on their faces put a satisfying exclamation point on an already fantastic day.

The Bike-A-Thon went very well. It proved to be challenging as well when we threw in a few interesting teamwork twists, even for the engineers who thought it might be too easy! You see, as smart as these engineers are, we still knew something they didn’t– that there’s more to a Bike-A-Thon than just the bicycles.