DiSC Makes a Difference for The Kellogg Company

The Nutrition Department at The Kellogg Company wanted to take its communication skills to the next level. They’d been through a period of upheaval. Reorganization and restructuring led to personnel changes. Past issues, according to some folks, included micromanagement and poor interpersonal connections. They also maintained high-stakes relationships with outside organizations and needed to communicate their ideas effectively. A change was needed but they didn’t know how to begin.

How DiSC® Helps

kelloggsMagnovo’s DiSC© workshop was chosen because of its emphasis on understanding behavioral styles and using that information to guide internal and external communications. These managers were striving to be more cohesive as a group and build trust among each other. They also wanted to expand their abilities to be persuasive and assertive when needed. DiSC© gave people a firm foundation upon which to build a strong team and nurture its growth.

The Kellogg Team Works Hard

The DiSC® workshop took place at a local bowling center, Airway Lanes Corporate Lounge in Portage, MI, which was a nice way to stress the informal mood of the program. We would be working hard but also having fun doing it.

We opened with a brief DiSC® questionnaire that we invited everyone to complete. This allowed folks to see which of the four main behavioral styles applied to them: Dominant, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness. Then we discussed each profile in-depth so folks could see how they responded and reacted to others who were similar and dissimilar. Many were surprised to learn just how long DiSC® has been around and how widely it’s been field tested for validity.

Learning Through Doing in Portage, MI

The Kellogg team members were good sports. They were enthusiastic participants in our activities. We gave folks lots of opportunities to practice what they learned, including role playing. This provided attendees with an adaptable framework for restoring and rebuilding internal communication channels and external relationships. They asked many questions. They also spoke freely among themselves about recent workplace frustrations and how they hoped to overcome them as a department.  An escape room challenge was the final activity for the day, which offered a unique chance to really practice working together and communicating effectively.

The feedback we heard was overwhelmingly positive. The Kellogg team felt well prepared to work collaboratively and get results. They also renewed a dedication to improving their presentation skills, striving to read and connect with an audience. Several said they  would also work together and coach each other.