Extra Space Storage Builds Toys for Kids in Need in Memphis, TN

This was a Rescue Buddies Charity Workshop we staged at the Peabody Hotel, in Memphis, TN.  60 members of the Extra Space Storage management team were in attendance as we took them through the paces of a quick workshop designed to improve communication, leadership, and teamwork skills. Despite some time constraints, the teams were able to achieve their goal of donating 60 stuffed animals to the American Red Cross and everyone left the workshop satisfied and happy.

A Focused Team Always Makes Progress

The team from Extra Space Storage was pressed for time, so we had to get the workshop going quickly. Fortunately, our facilitators have faced this type of situation before and were able to pull off the workshop without missing a beat. First, they divided the group into smaller teams.

Then, they guided them through a warm-up game that was fun, competitive, and instructive. Not surprisingly, the management team from  Extra Space Storage was sharp and focused from the start, which helped our facilitators get them started on the next phase of the workshop.

The next phase was the part earning stage. This also went very smoothly, with all the team members settling comfortably into their roles and setting themselves up for success during the actual toy assembly phase. The atmosphere was very positive and our facilitators watched with great satisfaction as everyone worked as a cohesive unit to help deserving children during times of great need.

It’s Always the Right Time to Give to the American Red Cross

The American Red Cross never wearies in its efforts to offer relief to distressed people in the wake of a disaster. It’s also a group that’s not afraid to get their hands dirty as they work with individuals and communities to save and rebuild lives. These were just a couple of the reasons that we were thrilled when we found out that Extra Space Storage was donating the finished toys to this wonderful organization.

The presence of the American Red Cross also helped inspire the Extra Space Storage teams to new heights of teamwork, passion, and productivity. Our facilitators were happy to report that the managers would be able to take their improved skills back to their offices all over the country. All in all, this workshop was a great example of what our charity workshops can do for clients and the community both.