Extra Space Storage Helps Dozens of UT Veterans Through WheelCharity™ Workshop

Top-rated sales team members turned their positive work ethic into a charity team building event where their efforts benefited local veterans.

Pulling Together for WheelCharity™ in SaIt Lake City

Magnovo’s WheelCharityteam building workshop at a local hotel was customized for the Extra Space Storage team. Coming on the heels of a long day of educational programming, we knew the group would probably be tired, but everyone rallied. The idea of giving back to Utah veterans who had done so much for their country was a powerful motivator.

There were about 200 participants from across the country who were meeting in Salt Lake City, where the company is headquartered. This was a group of top-rated sales representatives; they liked to excel, and by the end of the program, it definitely showed . Because not everyone knew each other well, we split everyone into teams and ran through a few ice breakers. This gave folks a chance to get acquainted before we dived into our planned activities.

Everyone had a great time with the games; the key to success was effective teamwork, and every winner earned wheelchair parts for their team.

Making Teamwork Fun

Once teams had acquired all of the necessary parts, we took it to the next level with some high-stakes obstacles that had to be overcome as part of the assembly process. Each team rose to the occasion. People delegated and negotiated and communicated in ways that allowed them to problem-solve and strategize through these puzzles and challenges for maximum results. Our professional facilitator helped teams process as they went along so that these new interpersonal skills and abilities could be transferred back to the workplace going forward.

Extra Space Storage Helps Local Veterans

All in all, the Extra Space Storage teams completed 33 wheelchairs! The final count was announced to huge cheers and whistles . When Belinda Karabatsos of the Utah Department of Veterans and Military Affairs arrived, she was simply stunned. Participants heard about how important these wheelchairs would be to veterans, some of whom left the hospital without one! Nearly half of the wheelchairs put together that day were spoken for before Ms. Karabatsos even left the hotel.

As we wrapped up the event, several teams decorated their wheelchairs with notes of encouragement and thanks. It was very moving to see how profoundly some of the folks in attendance were affected; several had family members who were currently serving or had served in the armed forces. We took lots of photographs of teams and the wheelchairs that their hard work produced.  Despite how tired they may have been after a long day of workplace training, everyone on the Extra Space Storage team put in extra effort to help local Utah veterans.