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Family Biz Kids Builds Wheelchairs for Charity in Kiawah Island

Who does Family Biz Kids call to add a philanthropic twist to their yearly business meeting and family reunion in Kiawah Island, South Carolina? Charity Team Building Events of course!

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And what better way to start your event off with a big lesson in team building? With an army of people from the event planner there to assist in setting up for the event, it only took one quick huddle and voila! – everyone was aware of their responsibility and began to set up for the WheelCharity Team Building Event. We put on thousands of team building events every single year, and this was definitely the fastest setup I have ever seen! Everyone was willing to pitch in and do what was ever necessary to get the event ready on time and ready to go. Teamwork at it’s finest.

Another first that we haven’t seen before, as each person came in, they were handed a bandana that signified which team that they were on for the event. We’ve used playing cards, numbered slips, colored markers, you name it, but this is the first time we’ve seen bandanas.

With 100 people in the Family Biz Kids group, 35 of which were under the age of 15, the excitement spread through the air quickly as the room filled for the start. As each team quickly assembled into their individual groups to get ready for the first activity, you could sense both pride for their team as well as for the family as a whole.

After the teams completed their challenges, earned their parts, and assembled the wheelchairs, an individual from each team was given a blindfold and told that they would have to maneuver the wheelchair through an obstacle course with the direction of the person in the wheel chair. This proved to be challenging to the participants and with the event theme of “Working Together to Overcome Limitations”, they truly learned what it meant to overcome limitations. In this case, physical limitations. They groups embraced the challenge and overcame it by successfully maneuvering the wheelchairs while being blindfolded.

At the end of the event, a representative from the Ralph H. Johnson VA Medical Center in Charleston, South Carolina came in to accept the wheelchairs for their Mental Health Unit. With a shortage of wheelchairs for our injured service men and women, additional chairs are always needed. We were proud to have been a part of such a fun and educational event, and look forward to next year’s annual meeting!