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Bay State Milling Finds Value in Team Building Workshops

It’s safe to say the Bay State Milling Company already knows a thing or two about team building – if not team building workshops.

They’ve been in business for over 115 years!  Not only has this company seen a century come and go, but they’ve managed to remain family-owned throughout.  Charity Team Building Events applauds this kind of achievement, so we were honored they chose us to provide a fun team building break for employees.

Bay State Milling Team BuildingIt seems one thing the Rothwell family and Bay State Milling Company have learned is the value of time together and of giving back.  That’s why they wanted to go with one of Charity Team Building Events’s charity team building workshops.  Since we have a nice selection benefiting all sorts of charitable organizations, it was easy to match them with a workshop that had the perfect theme: Happy Tails.

The Happy Tails Charity Team Building Workshop was just what this family-owned business was looking for.

They came to us wanting a workshop that benefited animals in some way.  Luckily, we have just the thing- it’s one of our newer team building workshops and it benefits animal shelters. The Rothwell family chose For the Love of Rescue, a local shelter where they wished to send workshop donations once the workshop was completed.

Three generations of the family laughed their way through creatively challenging team building exercises.

While it’s always a pleasure for our facilitators to watch the camaraderie come out during the events, this was a little special.  It’s not every day that we get to see three generations working together and having so much fun at it!  There was a good dose of friendly competition, which always makes things a little more interesting.  It also has the intended benefit of encouraging team participants to reach further and try harder to reach the teamwork goals set by the Charity Team Building Events facilitator!

A happy family ending for Happy Tails workshops

Many of our workshops begin with ice breakers, and this was no exception.  The difference is, we show inspiring photos of rescued dogs and cats to the group.  This reminds everyone what they’re all working for, and pulls everyone together for the common cause.

The traditional ice breakers went well, and they led into a fun scavenger hunt for parts (Happy Tails has participants assemble care packages for pet adoptions).  Some of the activities were customized to incorporate the animal theme: for example, “Mine Field” required that players use animal noises for directions.

All in all this was a fantastic event held at a nice location (Eaglewood Resort) with a friendly, relaxed group who worked hard together to donate over 125 much needed items to the local shelter.