How Fun Team Building Can Boost Your Bottom line

How Fun Team Building Can Boost Your Bottom Line

Fun team building — for some traditional corporate executives, “fun” is a four-letter word.

They can’t imagine how loosening the leash enough for their underlings to actually have fun can possibly help their bottom-line.

How Fun Team Building Can Boost Your Bottom line

In today’s marketplace such a lack of vision can cost a company it’s brightest and best talent as well as millions of dollars in revenue.

A fun team building exercise that also allows the staff to give back to the community is  smart business and a model of corporate social responsibility. Today corporations can no longer afford to simply occupy real estate in a city. Indeed, the citizenry in many small towns and large metropolitan areas simply won’t allow it!

Townsfolk are beginning to press companies to be good neighbors by sharing some of their largess. And it’s not always about donating money. A donation of time, talents, kindness, and support can be priceless when offered to those most in need.

The good news is that shortest distance between your company and the goodwill of your community is one of our amazing fun team building charitable workshops.  Whether it’s bikes or bears; wheelchairs or wagons that strike a chord with your team, we customize charitable workshops that are fun-filled and personally fulfilling.

Take our Bike-a-thon Bicycle Team Building workshop, for example. Imagine you and your colleagues [or even your company partnering with another area business] spending an afternoon getting to know each other while working to help a needy child. You’ll pool your talents to compete for the bike parts and then assemble them into what will undoubtedly be an eye-popping delight to a deserving child.

We’ll provide the venue, the bike parts, the refreshments, and the connection with the social service organization or charity that will deliver your masterpiece to its new owner. You’ll provide the sweat equity, communications skills, and love-filled labor.

Imagine being inundated with kudos like this afterwards:

The most valuable thing about the workshop aside from seeing the kids receive the bikes was understanding that the workshop was more than just building bikes. The facilitator offered great ways to have the team interact. It was enjoyable to see individuals that would normally shy away from large gatherings have a good time. The end result was absolutely impactful and we couldn’t ask for anything more!
The truth is that it’s not so much that “it’s better to give than to receive,” as the old adage claims. It’s more that giving can exponentially increase what you receive in return.