GSK Team Finds Its Motivation with WheelCharity Program

Sometimes, a charity team building event doesn’t go quite the way we planned it. Believe it or not, folks can learn more from what goes wrong than what goes right!

GSK Team Finds Its Motivation

We met with the team from GSK at the historic site of the Dante Alighieri Society of Massachusetts in Cambridge, MA. The architecture and purpose of the Society were inspiring! Our goal that day was to improve motivation among team members. We also wanted to complete a project that “gave back” to area families in need. Our WheelCharity™ program provided the perfect project to meet both of these goals!

Games for a Good Cause

Our program opened with ice breaker games. Because it was a small group – just 24 participants – that part went smoothly. We divided the group into teams in preparation for WheelCharity™. Teams get only a fraction of the parts needed to assemble a wheelchair. They engage in friendly competition through games and obstacles to earn the rest of the parts (and tools!).

It was a bit slow-going at first, but then the pace picked up considerably. Nearly everyone was onboard with the games and the WheelCharity™ program. Their colleagues worked hard to motivate them. And since motivation was the focus of the program, it was nice to see people take it seriously.

The group assembled a dozen wheelchairs. To provide a greater understanding and appreciation of working together, we capped the event with wheelchair races. It sounds easy, but it’s actually pretty challenging. It gave participants a different view of life affected by mobility issues. We also had some great conversations about motivation. We discussed what motivates us, whether motivators change over the years, and how to motivate someone.

Helping People in the Cambridge Area

Toward the end of our time together, Vonessa Costa from CHA-Everett Hospital arrived. She graciously accepted the donated wheelchairs on behalf of the families receiving them. She also talked about who would get these wheelchairs, and what it would mean for their independence.

Everyone was engaged with the stories she told of how peoples’ lives changed with their wheelchairs, even the few folks who were resistant to the program at first! Getting hands-on with a project allowed for new perspectives. It also broke up the typical workday dynamic. Employees experienced a refreshed take on workplace relationships. By the end of the day, the GSK team had rediscovered their motivation in working together.