Keurig Green Mountain’s New Sales Team Brews Fun While Helping Local Kids

Keurig Green Mountain hosted a dynamic charity team building event for its sales reps during a recent training program.

New Sales Reps Become a Team

This was a group of about 75 people who, while they were technically co-workers in the same department, never worked together because of geography; they were spread across the country. For that reason, this Bike-a-Thon was designed to reinforce key team building and communication skills in addition to sharing Keurig Green Mountain’s commitment to being a “good neighbor.” The bicycles assembled that day were being donated to Respond, Inc., a local domestic violence prevention organization.

Kicking Off a Bike-a-Thon

We met with the group at the local Marriott. They’d finished a morning of back-to-back meetings and were definitely ready for some fun. We introduced ourselves and briefly explained how our Bike-a-Thon worked. Teams of 8 or 9 people would compete for bicycle parts and tools. The goal was for each team to assemble two bicycles within the time allotted. The bicycles would be given to children in need through a local nonprofit organization; once they heard that, the energy level in the room picked up.

Beginning with a few icebreaker games, we quickly moved into the competition rounds of our workshop. Games like Flip Cup and Word Writing got people fired up, and there was a lot of cheering going on. Once the bicycle assembly started, it was easy to see teamwork in action. Any conflicts were resolved quickly and people communicated effectively.

Respond, Inc. Benefits

Once Jasmin Lopez Calderon arrived from Respond, Inc., to pick up the bicycles, the mood shifted a bit. Things felt more serious when Ms. Calderon described the children and families served by her agency. Respond, Inc. serves women, children, teens, and men affected by domestic violence. The agency offers emergency shelter, education, and support services in New England. She was upbeat though when she talked about how new bikes let kids be kids again.

A Genuine Keurig Green Mountain Team

Our debriefing session at the end of the Bike-a-Thon workshop had a quieter tone than usual, but the people were emphatic that this was a very positive experience for them. They looked forward to getting back home and back to work buoyed by the knowledge that they had their fellow sales reps for support and encouragement. While people may have shown up merely as fellow employees of the same company, they left as genuine co-workers, regardless of distance.