Laclare Group

The Laclare Group Comes Together in Henderson, NV

We knew we had our hands full when 150 staffers from the Laclare Group converged on Henderson, NV to participate in the WheelCharity workshop we’d designed for them. We knew going in that this would be a supercharged and highly competitive group, so we had engaging activities and fun arranged for them right from the start.

Laclare GroupLike with all of our workshops, we custom designed these activities to meet the Laclare Group’s specific needs. After talking with management, we knew that communication problems and a lack of big picture thinking were decreasing both production and morale in the office.

That’s why we decided to guide them through a WheelCharity workshop. When teams participate in a WheelCharity event, members work together to assemble and decorate functioning wheelchairs for deserving charities. In this case, the wheelchairs were donated to Veterans Village Las Vegas, a wonderful organization that supports former military members and their families.

The Laclare Group Comes Through in the Clutch for Veterans Village

The Laclare team chose to donate the wheelchairs they assembled to the Veterans Village Las Vegas, a fantastic group that works with local ex-military members and their families. We thought this was a great choice because we wanted the Laclare staff to step out of their individual perspectives and see things through different eyes for a bit.

Of course, there’s more to the WheelCharity workshop than just assembling the chairs. It also involves a great deal of problem-solving, all of which requires the same types of teamwork and communication that are needed in today’s ultracompetitive marketplace. It was our job to challenge the Laclare Group in a way that helped their performance at work and benefitted Veterans Village at the same time.

After a few warm-up activities, the Laclare Group got to work tracking down parts and assembling the wheelchairs. They became more and more engaged as the workshop continued, with everyone working together for something bigger than themselves. It gave us a great deal of pleasure to watch the transformation happen.

No matter what business you’re company’s in or what areas your staff needs to work on, there’s no better way to bring their talents together than one of our charity team building workshops. And considering all the positive comments we heard, it was evident that the Laclare Group would agree.