Leadership Teambuilding with Fortive

Leadership teambuilding at Fortive translates as Kaizen, a Japanese ideology which means “continuous improvement.” Doing and being better is the focus of everything they do. And the Kaizen concept shapes their corporate culture. Fortive recognized that our Bike-a-thon Charitable Teambuilding Workshop could improve their leadership teambuilding. And they were right.

Fortive is a global industrial and scientific conglomerate that provides “essential technology for the people who accelerate progress,” to quote their website.

Based in Everett Washington, they employ 25,000 industrial technology specialists around the world. They’re huge proponents of corporate social responsibility and give every staffer plenty of time for community service.

Leadership teambuilding with Millennials

We visited their Everett headquarters and worked with 27 Fortive team members. Most of them were actually interns. So we tailored our workshop to the specific leadership teambuilding goals of these rising stars.

We shared insights on how to adapt to different leadership styles, personality quirks, and character traits among superiors and colleagues. While they were assembling the bikes they practiced a lot of the leadership skills we taught.

For some interns working one-on-one with executives was a bit intimidating. Fortunately, Fortive managers embraced the spirit of the workshop so eventually everyone relaxed and had a great time.

The takeaway from one intern was particularly enthusiastic. They noted that “…the energy in the room was amazing….” They wondered why that couldn’t happen at work. Of course, our facilitator assured them that it could. A takeaway from our charitable workshops is just that–a lesson participants can take away and apply on the job.

She explained, “Now you have a better understanding of how people work, communicate, and lead. It’s up to you to seize opportunities to boost the energy level and help everyone stay on track. And even instill some FUN!”

Kindness on wheels

The bikes were donated to the South Everett/Mukilteo Boys & Girls ClubThe mission of this national organization is to help children “…reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens.” Their track record of success is a tremendous source of pride.

Their members’ academic performance is especially impressive. According to their website, some 73 percent of low-income members earn mostly As and Bs. This is compared with 69 percent of low-income youth nationally who are not Boys & Girls Club members.

The South Everett/Mukilteo Boys & Girls Club was delighted with the bike donations. Their representative couldn’t wait to share them with club members who couldn’t otherwise afford such a treat. The Fortive interns and managers forged new relationships and boosted their leadership teambuilding skills. And everyone learned the true meaning of the Japanese concept of Kaizen.