Mahle Behr Doubles the Fun and Doubles the Impact with Wheelcharity in Dayton

Mahle Behr wanted to Double the Fun And Double the Impact in Dayton with our Wheelcharity Workshop

To assist in keeping things up and running at an engineering plant in Dayton Ohio, we held our Wheelcharity ™ Workshop twice- one half of the employees participated while the other half kept the plant going. The next day, they switched and we did it all over again! We were happy to provide this customized format so production never stopped, yet everyone at the plant got to participate.

At First, the Wheels Weren’t Turning…

Mahle-Behr-WheelCharity-LogoWe started out with two groups who normally have little to do with each other…and it showed! With a focus on improving interdepartmental communication between supervisors and engineers, our work was cut out for us. The first step was to break the ice a little and of course once that was accomplished things started to move along.

The problem we were asked to address was perfectly demonstrated by the initial “energy” in the room, which was very low. At that point in the workshop, it was hard to tell that by the end of the day, everyone would be laughing and crying together!

Then Everyone Got Into It

Soon it was clear that everyone seemed to be getting the message of the day: clear communication is so important, not only between departments and between department heads but also amongst members of the group as well.

There was an obstacle course, only it involved blindfolded participants being verbally guided around the course by wheelchair-bound partners. They had a blast on this part- yes, the same people who had such low levels of enthusiasm at the beginning of the event!

They Even Got Creative!

Mahle-Behr-Wheelcharity-Group-In-Dayton-OhioAnother way in which we customized this Wheelcharity™ workshop was that rather than having teams compete on an obstacle course using wheelchairs, we had them decorating banners which went with the wheelchairs to the charity.

The banners were very creative and emphasized the gift of the wheelchair to the charity, who happened to be the Salvation Army.

Not a Dry Eye in the Room

The highlight of the event was when the Charity arrived and shared with the group that the 12 wheelchairs would donated to local retirement homes around the city of Dayton. There wasn’t dry eye in the room as the Representative from the Salvation Army in Dayton Ohio talked about the need that the Centers had for wheelchairs and that their gifts were really going to change the lives of the senior citizens who struggle with mobility because there weren’t enough wheelchairs to go around. It was an awesome event of everyone.