Maxim Healthcare

Maxim Healthcare Shows Caring Comes in Many Varieties

When you’re in the business of healthcare, giving back is part of your DNA. Here’s how one healthcare company showed they know how to give care in all kinds of ways.

During their nationwide conference, Maxim Healthcare Services corporate office staff were able to come together and participate in a WheelCharity® workshop to build and donate thirteen wheelchairs to Wheels for the World. And, since they’re already in the business of supporting health, giving back in this way made perfect sense!

Maxim Healthcare’s Wheelcharity® Workshop

Maxim Healthcare Over 115 people from all departments of the headquarters gathered in the beautiful Baltimore Marriott Waterfront hotel. The conference itself brought everyone together from all parts of the country, but it was the workshop that really “brought them together”!

Participants in this charity workshop enjoyed this unique opportunity to work together for the benefit of others very much in need. Knowing the wheelchairs they assembled that day would go to people around the world who desperately needed wheelchairs was truly a motivating factor.

How it Went

The group was laughing together as a whole during our very popular warm up activities, including:

  • Say What I Say
  • Air Counting
  • John, John Team Divisions

Then, after teams were formed, groups of 9 drew together to create and present to the world a new product from their own imagination. This was our famous Commercials activity. It calls upon participants to function in various roles to produce a TV commercial.

After becoming more comfortable with one another it was time to ‘work’ for what was needed to put their wheelchairs together and present them to the charity. This was the Personal Scavenger Hunt.

The group from Maxim turned out to be phenomenal. We held our workshop in a busy area of the conference hall, with lots of activity going on around us. But that didn’t deter the teams from focusing on the challenges we gave them and coming together to display their best teamwork abilities.

The Charity: Wheels for the World

Then it was on to the wheelchair build and finally the charity & pics session at the end. Wheelchairs were donated to “Wheels for the World”, which distributes the donations all over the globe.

It was a fitting way to give back for Maxim Healthcare, which of course is in the business of supporting health in all its many forms. The event was so much fun. If laughter is truly the best medicine, then this is an incredibly healthy team!