Mission: Kids Care by Medtronic a Huge Success for Local Families

Medtronic recently hosted a sales training program in Bloomington, MN, where a job well done went far beyond the conference room walls.

From Competition to Compassion in Bloomington, MN

About 30 sales representatives arrived at the JW Marriott Mall of America. Most of the day’s program was dedicated to learning new sales tools and techniques. The afternoon session we ran allowed for the chance to practice what they learned. We also offered a chance for the group to give back in a fun and exciting way.

We opened with a few ice breaker games. This gave us a chance to introduce Magnovo’s Mission: Kids Care™ program, which puts backpacks full of school supplies into the hands of kids who need them. A lot of the participants were pretty surprised at the cost of school supplies. They were also surprised at just how many things kids and their families were expected to purchase for school – everything from scissors to pens, pencils, crayons, tissues, glue, rulers, and more. A naturally competitive spirit among sales reps quickly became strong motivation to help children in a meaningful way.

Medtronic Gets The Job Done

Medtronic’s employees divided into several teams. We gave each one an empty backpack. And then the fun began! Our games, challenges, and activities built upon the learning component of the morning’s training. Each win added another item to a team’s stash of school supplies. Afterward, the backpacks were stocked with great care. Many of the sales representatives also wrote notes of encouragement to each child who would be getting a new backpack through the program. Many reminisced about their own school days, too!

All of the backpacks were prepared for delivery to Simon Says Give for distribution to local children. Having that local connection resonated with participants, and seemed to push them to play and work harder. The representative from Simon Says Give was pretty impressed at how many backpacks were filled. He shared a few stories about the families helped by Simon Says Give, and participants were really engaged.

Mission: Kids Care™ Accomplished!

Our debriefing session at the end of the day gave everyone a chance to process their experiences. We discussed the value of being prepared, and how that sound advice worked across ages, from school kids to sales reps. A lot of the sales representatives talked about how much they learned, and how good felt to help others, especially children.