Philadelphia Insurance Companies Helps the American Diabetes Association Through Wagon Builders™ Workshop

When Philadelphia Insurance Companies wanted to provide their staff with a chance to boost camaraderie for far-flung employees, they called on Magnovo for a charity team building workshop.

Wagon Builders™ in Philadelphia, PA

There were about 50 employees of Philadelphia Insurance Companies from across the country who met at the Hilton Philadelphia City Avenue for a company event. This was one of the few opportunities that this group got to get together. And so the company wanted to provide them with the chance to work on the kinds of skills that would make their jobs more efficient and productive. The Wagon Builders™ workshop was a great fit for this highly competitive group. It had elements of fun and games built around a skill-building core.

The company already had a connection to the American Diabetes Association and so the event organizers requested that the wagons be donated to the group’s summer camp program for children with diabetes. In addition, they wanted to customize the contents of the wagons themselves. We happily made arrangements for both of those requests.

Philadelphia Insurance Companies Gets Down to Work

We opened with a couple of icebreaker games so that folks could get more comfortable with their fellow employees.

Then we arranged participants into groups of five. Through games like Cup Flip, Blind Ball Drop, Wordles, Dice Bank, and Group Writing, teams acquired the parts they’d need to move on to the next part of the workshop .

Once all the teams had their wagon parts, we challenged them to assemble with wagons with a few small conditions. It challenged them, and also encouraged them to think creatively and work together. After putting the wagons together, teams decorated and filled them. We even had enough time for folks to take “wagon selfies”! There were a lot of laughs. While it was indeed a competitive group, everyone did make sure that no team was left behind. This was truly a group that – even though they might not work together every day – showed how much of a team they really are.

Welcoming the American Diabetes Association

One of the most special parts of a charity team building event is meeting with a representative of that charity. Philadelphia Insurance Companies participants warmly welcomed Kevin J. Kelly, Ed.D., who seemed genuinely happy to be invited. Mr. Kelly shared some information about the American Diabetes Association and the work they do. He also told a few stories about the kids who attend the association’s summer camp. Their lives are positively impacted by the experience in long-lasting ways. Our wrap-up was completed by a few facilitator remarks that reinforced several of team building skills targeted by the games and activities.