Qlik’s WheelCharity Team Building Event Benefits Local ALS Charity

The success of Qlik’s WheelCharity™ team building program is due in part to the folks at the Hyatt Regency Aurora-Denver Conference Center. The shipping company failed to deliver some of the materials we ordered in advance of the program. This hotel’s management sent one of their own employees to get our materials from the delivery warehouse! Thankfully, the hotel’s idea saved the day, and we were able to get everything set up in time for the program.

QlikWhy WheelCharity™ in Aurora, CO?

Qlik is a software company with local offices in Aurora, CO. The focus of our event was helping employees develop stronger communication and networking skills. Our WheelCharity™ program is designed to boost soft skills like these while producing tangible results as well as enacting long-term change.

A lot of the Qlik team had been in meetings all day. They were then joined by some other salespeople. Everyone was ready to get moving and have fun. After putting the folks at ease with a brief introduction to the WheelCharity™ event and how it worked, we got started.

Qlik’s WheelCharity™ Event

Mini-games were a great way for teams to collect the parts they needed to assemble wheelchairs. Our conference center space soon evolved into the home of some friendly competition! Teams worked hard to recognize and utilize their team members’ strengths. People worked well together, even those who’d never met before.

Once the teams assembled several wheelchairs, they ran the wheelchairs through specialized obstacle course we created. Folks gained a better understanding of just how important a wheelchair can be for families whose loved one needs it. Our debriefing was a great opportunity for participants to talk about what they learned. We explored ways to continue making positive change in the workplace based on what they learned through the WheelCharity™ program.

Helping the ALS Association Rocky Mountain Chapter

Once Ricky Streck from the ALS Association Rocky Mountain Chapter arrived on-site, he talked a lot with us about families that this organization worked with. In the end, four wheelchairs were assembled. Streck let all of the participants know how well the chairs would be used. He also talked about how much each gift would be appreciated by the families that received them.

Qlik’s sales team pulled off a great day. Not only did they help themselves by improving their workplace through better communication and networking, but they helped people in their community, too.