Reaching for the Pinnacle of Company Team Bonding

Our recent Bike-a-thon with Pinnacle Actuarial Resources, Inc. was a delight. And our predictions of success at company team bonding were spot on.

We based our predictions about these data-dynamos on insights into their corporate culture:….to truly understand what the information means, you need a partner who goes beyond the numbers to something much greater: A commitment to you, your business and to helping you make the best decisions for your success.

This statement from their website set the tone for our time with them and it was a wonderful experience for our facilitators.

What actuaries actually do

Actuaries predict the probability of a future event like an accident, flood, fire, unemployment, or natural disaster. They use mathematics and statistics to project the financial consequences of predicted risks. And they also devise strategies for risk management.

Pinnacle Actuarial Resources, Inc. provides services to agriculture, healthcare, manufacturing, transportation, and other industries. Beyond the statistical analysis, the company strives to fulfill an admirable set of core values. Among them are expertise and innovation;  teamwork and collaboration; and community involvement.

The fun of company team bonding

Employee development is another important core value. And this works hand-in-glove with company team bonding. Magnovo was invited to help them achieve this goal.

Pinnacle summoned 24 of their brightest and best actuaries to work with our team on the development of teambuilding and leadership skills.

They flew in from around the country to meet at the Dearborn Inn Marriott in Dearborn Michigan.  It was a beautiful, sunny day and the hotel courtyard was perfect for our workshop. The actuaries knew each other well, but business travel prevents regular get-togethers. So they were glad to see each other and enjoyed collaborating on the donations.

They were especially adept at applying the leadership training to the assembly of the bicycles. Effective communicating and collaborating always makes any project run more smoothly.  The bike assembly was mentally stimulating and socially engaging–perfect!

And true to their analytical natures, the actuaries examined the bike components during construction very carefully. Several asked our team about the safety of each bike for their prospective young owners. Of course, safety checks are a part of our workshop process. Suffice it to say the Pinnacle managers were relieved and impressed.

The heart of company team bonding

The Boys & Girls Club of SE Michigan is one of  Magnovo’s favorite charities. We were glad that their kids would receive these bike donations. During the presentation, the Boys & Girls Club rep explained that the new bikes would be part of a raffle. Eligible kids earned the right to attend an end-of-summer celebration. And the raffle would take place during that party.

The Pinnacle team was touched by how the Boys & Girls Club motivated their kids to excel academically and socially. The bikes would be a reward for these achievements. But they’d also be going to kids who were so needy that many depended on the club for daily meals! This hit home for all of us.

The investment of our time, resources, and energy toward company team bonding was a tremendous entrepreneurial achievement. Making such a huge impact on the lives of needy kids—that was the best reward of all. Together we reached the pinnacle of success.