Relias Learning Rolls Into Their Annual Sales Meeting with a WheelCharity Workshop

A vibrant and energetic group of sales reps for an online training company operating in the healthcare field turn their talents to some hands-on work to help others.

relias learningRelias Learning – Getting the Team Back Together

The folks working on the sales team at Relias Learning don’t often get the opportunity to meet in person, so expectations for their annual sales meeting were high, and we were ready for them. There was a palpable hum of excitement among attendees at the Raleigh Marriott City Center, some of which were new to the company, and for whom this was their first annual meeting of this type.

We came prepared with several mini-games, and the group loved it! Games like Air Counting and Say What prompted a lot of good conversation and camaraderie. It also generated a lot of friendly competition when we moved onto the main event of our team building program. Everyone was pretty excited to get started and show off what they could do.

Giving Back with WheelCharity

Most of the folks at Relias Learning work behind the scenes, so the WheelCharity program we developed for them was a great opportunity for them to take a more front-line role in helping people. The beneficiary of the dozens of wheelchairs that sales team members put together was Wheels for the World. This charity gives wheelchairs to people who need them to get back out into their communities and participate in daily life, such as church services.

Jim and Carol Weaver, the representatives of Wheels for the World who came to accept the donation of wheelchairs, were thrilled and impressed with what the team had accomplished that morning. It was clear to us that the Relias team was intensely proud of themselves, too, and with good reason. These wheelchairs were a strong visual representation of just how much the Relias’ sales representatives helped those who really needed these wheelchairs for mobility. We helped take lots of photos, both during the building and presentation parts of the program.

Making a Difference in The Lives of Those in Need

The WheelCharity event was a great way to get the folks from Relias ready for the rest of the events and programs planned for them. They’d formed strong bonds and gained a genuine sense of accomplishment, something for them to build on as they continue to serve healthcare professionals serving acute and post-acute patients, people with autism, public safety professionals, and more.