The Salesforce Team and Their Charity Workshop Make Beautiful Music Together in Chicago, IL

This was a small charity workshop we staged for the Salesforce team in Chicago, IL. We held it in the employee break area of their brand new building, which helped a lot of staff who didn’t know one another well feel comfortable right away. We were happy about their level of comfort because one of the managers’ goals coming into the workshop was to get their team thinking big picture by becoming better acquainted with each other.

SalesforceFourteen staff members attended the workshop, with a good mix of both sales and technical people. Although the charitable goal of the workshop was to assemble bicycles and donate them to Chicago Youth Programs. We arranged the activities in such a way that would teach teamwork skills that would stay with them long after they finished working with us.

Teamwork Skills and Helping Chicago Youth Programs With the Wonderful Work They Do

The Salesforce team did a great job coming together during the morning activities. We kept things moving with things like Air Counting, Say What I Say, and a fast paced set of our “mini-games. We took a lot of pleasure watching 14 very different people fuse together. It was especially rewarding to see the technical people work so well with the sales team.

We spent the afternoon executing the Bike-A-Thon. We knew this would be a great workshop for the Salesforce team, but it went over even better than we planned. You could see the transformation in the way everyone was working together, without egos, to give back to their community. Not to mention the fact that they were able to assemble four amazing bicycles and donate them to a deserving group like Chicago Youth Programs.

A Rewarding Experience for Our Facilitators and Their Staff Alike

In a material sense, the end result of this fantastic workshop were the bikes the Salesforce team donated to Chicago Youth Programs. It felt great to be able to help such a wonderful organization, but our facilitators were also pleased to see The Salesforce team grow right before their eyes.

The teamwork skills the Salesforce people learned are certain to travel well. Not only did they forge new bonds with one another, they also got a chance to see how their individual jobs play a part in a larger group dynamic. This is one of the great things that Charity Workshops can accomplish– they help employees step out of themselves and into something bigger. And from the comments we heard from staff and management afterward, this workshop was a great success.