Salesforce’s All-Star Bike-Thon™ with State Farm Surprises Employees and Kids

SalesforceSalesforce’s employees turned out a dynamic and engaging Bike-A-Thon in record time!

Salesforce Invites Top Customer to Join In

Even though a scheduling issue gave us less time to work with than anticipated, we pulled off a great Bike-A-Thon™ with Salesforce In under an hour. We carried out the even on-site at Salesforce offices. We also welcomed the company’s top customer, State Farm, in joining us. This was the second charity team building workshop of this type we’d done for Salesforce. Again, the bicycles the group assembled were going to the nearby Union League Boys & Girls Club.

All -Star Teams in Chicago, IL

The Bike-A-Thon™ has two parts – a series of earning activities where teams compete for bicycle parts, and then series of teamwork activities where teams assemble the bicycles. The 20 participants worked hard and worked fast. These were leaders from both companies, and their skills set showed. The four teams worked cohesively and with a great understanding of each other; the group dynamics functioned at an extremely high level.

One team dominated in the group writing activity with an alphabet (AZ) written by 5 people, that, easily, was more legible than most people’s daily penmanship! Another team took cup stacking to a meticulously pristine level, and quickly. A third team was full of ‘spunk’ and kept everyone laughing. And our fourth team was definitely the most focused, with an eagerness to win. While they didn’t dominate every activity, they made collaboration and inclusion the biggest part of their team.

Overall, this group was amazing to work with! They laughed, cried, and gave each other just enough “guff” to keep the competition intense (yet still friendly!)

New Bikes for the Kids of the Union League Boys & Girls Club

Teams knew that their bikes were going to the kids of the Union League Boys & Girls Club. What they didn’t know is that the kids were coming to the Bike-A-Thon™ to receive them!

The announcement was a great surprise, and everyone’s reaction was immediate and extremely positive.

We welcomed Anabel Hernandez and several of the children with applause. Ms. Hernandez made a few remarks; most memorable, she shared with us what a huge impact these bikes have on the kids who receive them. There was barely a dry eye in the place! Teams then helped the kids with their new bikes, adjusting seats and handlebars so that kids were ready to ride as soon as they got home. One child was so excited he exclaimed, “I am never getting off this bike, I am sitting here forever!”

The feedback we received on this event was overwhelmingly positive. Participants raved, the children were obviously thrilled, and Salesforce provided their staff with the opportunity to flex the kind of soft skills so important in today’s workplace.