Symantec’s Newest Team Builds Rescue Buddies for Lincolnshire Kids

The folks at CDW/Symantec had a newly assembled team of young professionals. The company wanted them to have a strong foundation to build on, and so hosted a Rescue Buddies Workshop for them. The woman at CDW/Symantec who organized it had attended a similar workshop we’d done for an affiliate company in Florida; she’d found the content and delivery useful and fun.

An On-Site Workshop in Lincolnshire, IL

This event was held at the company’s offices, which made it easy for everyone to attend. The afternoon workshop followed a morning of meetings, so everyone was ready and eager for some fun. We had a whole conference room to ourselves. It was a good fit. People were able to work comfortably and there was no need for a microphone or other tech; it was a cozy setting and a friendly group.

Rescue Buddies–More Than Just Team Building

We divided attendees into teams. Teams play for parts and complete obstacles during assembly. It sounds like play but these activities are designed to help folks recognize and promote team building qualities. Communication, problem-solving, understanding others, and valuing all members of a team, utilizing their strengths.

Once the participants learned that the Rescue Buddies were going to the Lincolnshire-Riverwoods Fire Department they were even more excited to participate. These stuffed animals would be given to help local kids in emergency situations. Some folks remarked that they had young kids at home, too, and this really hit home for many. Teams cheered each other on and the friendly competition pushed everyone to do their best for those children.

CDW/Symantec Helps Local Kids in Need

The teams finished in record time, and so each team came up with its own brief presentation for Steve McCaughey, the rep. from the Lincolnshire-Riverwoods Fire Department. When he arrived on-site, he was taken aback by how many Rescue Buddies the group completed. He made a few remarks to the group. He talked about the kind of situations in which firemen will reach for a Rescue Buddies stuffed animal for a child. Each team said a few words and presented the rep with their hard work. Other teams cheered and applauded their coworkers.

A group of employees was transformed into a team that’s respectful and supportive. An informal debriefing session was held as we packed up for the day. People remarked on how worthwhile the workshop was, and how much they learned about themselves and their colleagues. Specific actionable strategies were acquired, practical ideas that folks could take back to the office. Members of this department realized they were really a team now.