Management Leadership Training

Why Traditional Management Leadership Training Has Failed American Business

You might have noticed a stir of change occurring in management leadership training circles.  It has a lot to do with keeping everyone engaged.

Team Builders

Team Builders for Getting the Most out of New Technology

Smart companies know that new technologies in the office place don’t necessarily work out unless you’ve first prepared your team. Builders of today’s digital sharing tools like Basecamp or Google Drive assume there’s a minimal amount of teamwork in the offline world first, before their tools can be used to their maximum benefit.

Leadership goals for Millennials

Do Your Leadership Goals Make Sense for Everyone on Your Team [and not just Millennials]?

Since Millennials make up the majority of the workforce in many companies now, leadership goals have swung towards better managing this sector of the workforce.

CWT Meetings & Events

CWT Meetings & Events Gets to Sit Back While Magnovo Does all the Planning

The hard-working folks at Minneapolis-based CWT Meetings & Events had the tables turned this winter.  For once they weren’t the ones doing all the planning!  Magnovo hosted a Rescue Buddies™ Charity Workshop for the global company, which called upon us to help them give back and build teamwork skills.
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Leadership Quotes

3 Top Leadership Quotes and Why We Love Them

If you type the word “leadership” into Bing, you’ll get around 41.8 million results, with many featuring leadership quotes designed to educate, inspire, and motivate.  There are thousands of ways to define good leadership, which is why we see so much written on the topic.
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Team Building for Government Groups

Team Building for Government Groups

Working in government brings a unique set of stress factors that people working in other industries just don’t experience quite the same way. We get that, because we’ve been working with government groups for over a decade now, helping them build better teams. Read more

Leadership Tips

4 Leadership Tips for Making Your Team Great

Sometimes the best leadership tips aren’t about you: they’re about what you can do for your team.  Setting your ego aside and thinking of ways to empower your team will actually make you a better leader in the end.  When your group can be the best versions of themselves, they’ll be better able to support […]

Leadership Lessons

Leadership Lessons From Presidents, Past and Present

We take leadership lessons from all levels of society, but one of the best sources of wisdom is from our presidents.  Both past and present presidents have a lot to teach us, so it’s a good thing we have historians and presidential scholars to decipher these lessons for us.

Team Building in Education

When you work in the field of education, you face a special set of challenges unique to your profession. We know this because we’ve been creating team building workshops for educators for ever a decade now. And if there’s one thing we’ve learned in all those years, it’s that teamwork really makes a difference for educators who want to see positive change. Read more

Campfire Connections

Campfire Connections

Are you a ‘Campfire leader’? This workshop helps you discover your own personal leadership style. Even if you don’t hold a leadership position, you’ll learn things about yourself and others that will open your eyes and help you get better at everything you do.  Read more